Despite many books on this subject this work is very different, looking at many aspects of the issue and at the repercussions of the Biblical doctrine (not the Charismatic perversion of it).

This booklet warns Christians that when the external, extreme, the superficial and supernatural are holding so much fascination, to keep a careful guard over their inner life.

This is patently unbiblical. God will not act outside his character. This concept is obviously preposterous and untrue.

This booklet helps the Christian be aware, not only of the growing worldliness of the Evangelical church in western nations, but worse, the gradual paganizing of it’s meetings. Many of the charismatic errors noted here have direct parallels in occult religions, shamanism and mysticism. The church is becoming like false religions.

This booklet shows that Fuller was a severely compromised theologian; his life being a better witness than his teaching. Under no circumstances should believers subscribe to his heterodox views.

The importance of understanding our union with Christ.

This is a book of great importance. It is a complete survey of Islam that supplies information in one source that will be rarely seen elsewhere. It expounds all aspects of Islam from theology, to ethics, to politics, to history, fully explaining why most people have a very wrong idea about Islam; this includes many supposed Muslims. I also explain what is going on in societies where Muslims have gained a foothold and show why they are doing this (following Muhammad) and what the expected outcome is. The facts that I expose, with as little passion as possible, are truly appalling. Everyone needs to understand these facts, especially Christians.

This booklet shows how the emphasis on receiving a Celtic spirituality, a Celtic attitude, a Celtic cultural influence, including the artefacts and symbolism that go with it is completely unbiblical. Celtic culture contained a great deal that was occult, pagan and superstitious. The great danger in these methods is attracting people who are inclined to these pagan techniques and are not genuinely converted. Christ is our focus.

This book is perhaps one of my most important works. It seeks to be a vital resource for believers. It is a systematic theology but centred on Bible verses and not comment. Of necessity there are some comments for explanatory purposes, but these are limited; the vast proportion is Bible texts.

This is a booklet about commands, precedents and principles by which we can establish how a New Testament church should be established, develop and function.

This has been a controversial matter for centuries, and yet it ought to be simple.

Charismaticism clearly originates from Pentecostal sources, but where did the Pentecostal experiences come from? This paper explains.

This is a small book outlining the history of the Satanic war against Christianity after the Reformation. It covers short articles on philosophy, heresy, social and political movements. This is a very useful handbook on these issues. There are also a number of diagrams and tables.

This book is a thorough examination of the claims of Dispensationalism and Messianic Christianity that Jews are the people of God and that the kingdom is primarily Jewish. I expound the Biblical texts involved and demonstrate the theological fallacies involved.