A simple and quick paper to address the panic and speculation causing a frenzy on the religious web and various books and articles regarding eschatological events supposed to occur in the next week or so. Panic not, it is all nonsense, as usual. There is not going to be a secret rapture this month. Read the paper to see why.

This book gives you all the foundational information on the global Elite that you need.

This is a letter to Chinese believers. It was prompted by a sudden surge of over a million hits on my website in a few weeks, from China. The contents will be of use to all people since it contains my advice to believers in pressing on toward the goal.

A complete analysis of the 9/11 false flag but in concise bullet points and simple terms. This is the product of 23 years of research and consideration. The chief perpetrator is exposed.

This paper explains where we are now in the Covid narrative. It contains much new information. For example, it shows why PCR tests are dangerous. Or how the government has conducted militarised psychological war on the population and the effects of this. There are also sections on the spirituality of this warfare and the attack on connectivity. You must be aware of these things.

A paper intended for Christians who know nothing about the elite, or deep state, and doubt it exists. I have other introductions to the global elite but this takes a more overarching view and examines the logic of the body. It is based in Biblical analysis.

This paper is a much needed explanation of the situation in, and mindset of, North Korea, as well as a short history. This is rarely, if ever, presented in the media; in fact the media constantly presents a one-sided, exaggerated, and often falsified view. You need to read this to get a balanced view.

This paper urges Christians to see through what is happening and also admonishes churches for closing down. The church has lost the wisdom and stamina of previous generations. I also give practical advice for what may be coming.

This paper is an extended glossary of terms that you need to understand in modern discourse. It covers political, academic and modern social discourse. It is intended as a reference work.

The mass psychosis is operating again, this time to vilify Putin. This paper explains what is really happening and why. Do not believe the media.

This paper on Anti-Semitism addresses vital issues that no one is talking about in the current hysteria whipped up by the elite thought police for political ends. It is important to analyse this objectively.

A paper that I was asked to write about the TV drama on the Bible recently aired. I trust it will be of use.

This paper is a bit out of the ordinary in that it examines the current austerity politics which this country (and the EU) is immersed in. It shows that not only are these cuts unrighteous, in that they devastate the poor, weak and vulnerable, but they are contrary to acknowledged economic theory and empirical practice. They will not work but will create an implosion in Britain's economy and wreck the social infrastructure of society as well. As such, these polices are wicked and obnoxious to God.

This paper explains how Australia has become a totalitarian nation, with satanic policies dominating everyone in a police state. However, the main point is that this is a model for all nations. Be prepared.

This paper seeks to discover, among other facts, whether freemasonry is an innocent social and charitable institution or something much more sinister with secret agendas.

I rarely examine secular individuals, but this is an exception. Here is a thorough analysis of eugenicist Bill Gates. You need to be aware of his evil intents.

This paper explains the background to the Brexit withdrawal agreement. I show why it is undemocratic and treasonous. I also explain how the global elite is working through this process. Just more proof that the UK government is not working for the interests of the people. However, I also explain why Christians should not be perturbed or shaken by this, but be peaceful.

It is fashionable today to berate Britain as the source of all culture problems. Britain is denigrated as racist, misogynistic, bigoted, and much more. The BBC even recently stated that Britain stole everything and produced nothing. All this ranting stems from Cultural Marxist dogma that is basically attacking the Christian foundations of British society. The truth is that Britain, as a result of its Christian heritage, gave more benevolent discoveries, inventions and social reform to the world than any other nation. This paper seeks to counteract the lies with historic facts. Be informed.

The riots of 2011 was a new type of uprising and a low-point in the destruction of British society. We need to understand that God is sovereign over this. This paper looks at all the aspects, both secular and Christian. This is a divine warning.

This paper shows how satanically inspired rulers have always sacrificed children. What society is doing today is a continuation of this in various ways.

This paper is necessitated by the lies and scaremongering that fill the media. It explains why we need to leave the EU fast and exposes the falsehood of the fear stories with facts and professional quotes. Do not be dismayed by 'Project Fear'.

This paper addresses a very serious and current issue. Most people are unaware that the Green political movement was established and is controlled by the global elite as part of their plans for global tyranny. As oil power controlled the 20th century, sustainable development and Green policies (especially regarding carbon dioxide) will control this century. Be aware.

This is important. The current frenzied media and activism on climate doom is a pack of lies. Every claim of the climate alarmism narrative is unscientific and false. This includes the supposed consensus. In fact over 99% of scientific papers referred to in that claim opposed man-made global warming since 1950. This paper exposes all the key lies with simple explanations and nearly 200 source footnotes showing real science commentary. Don't be fooled. Climate activism is a Globalist strategy to crush the West and help establish a fascist state.

Herewith a simple, short summary of why the climate change agenda is a pack of lies.

This paper is a different sort of topic, but socially important. It evaluates the historical development of super hero comics and shows how modern social conditioning has changed the plots and characters. Today, the content is conditioning kids, and also adults through film versions, to swallow liberal elite dogma, in particular, to accept more violence, anger and hatred against dissent. Super heroes are no longer representatives of Christian righteousness and champions of the American dream, but purveyors of liberal, anti-Christian, pagan morality.

This simple tabular diagram proves that the highly unusual global Covid response was planned for years.

This paper gives a concise but thorough breakdown of the facts surrounding Covid vaccines.

This single sheet of paper explains why the Covid vaccines are a tragedy.

This paper explains the claim that snake venom is present in SARS-Cov-2, Remdesivir and Covid vaccines.

A much needed, sober analysis of the current 'pandemic' scare.

This is a follow up paper on Covid-19. It contains some very important observations and data.

This paper answers the oft asked question, 'who profits from the Covid crisis and vaccination programme leading to depopulation?'.

An examination of cultural movements that are widely accepted but which are utter deceptions. It shows some aspects of life which even Christians accept glibly, but which are false or dangerous.

This paper expands on what I have previously written. It gives great detail on vaccines in general and the Covid vaccines in particular. The narrative of successful vaccine projects is fraud. The Covid vaccines are experimental, not fully tested, nor properly authorized and are inherently dangerous.

This is a brief paper that demonstrate what the Bible has warned about for thousands of years, that the restraint has indeed been taken off Satan and he is growing in his ability to control the world through evil individuals and corrupt governments. It is written for friends who are not Christians, but are concerned about the current developments in the world.

This is a letter in response to questions about how far we can engage with worldly authorities. There are many mistakes made in this area which ruin Christian lives. Our job is to do God's will and do it with wisdom.

This very important paper gives evidence proving that the pandemic was completely false. It was, however, carefully planned in advance and I show the precursors. As I have said all along, the pandemic was a ruse to bring in draconian social control and prepare the way for totalitarianism.

This paper exposes the great evils of the lockdown, which will change society forever. I expose the general facts of the pointless lockdown (it worsens the spread of an epidemic), and the particular effects on the old. I also call for a complete change in church practices to prepare for the future. We must be more Biblical.

This is a paper that gives you much neglected history showing that the long term purpose of the EU founders was, and still is, a federal superstate, a United States of Europe (their term). There are various other sections giving you details on related matters of importance, including a portion on the basis of UK sovereignty in the Constitution. You need to know this information in order to be able to vote with integrity and in an informed manner. Others will try to scare you with prognostications about the future, mostly lies. This paper gives you historical facts about what has already happened. You should judge on the basis of facts, not scaremongering.

It occurred to me that busy people cannot easily find the time to read a 50 page document. Therefore, I have summarised the points made in the previous paper in this concise version a quarter of the size. I think it still adequately covers most areas.

A paper on this should not be necessary; sadly in this modern apostate world it is a needful warning.

This paper exposes, in great detail, how the viral panic has led to unadulterated totalitarianism. It uses simple bullet points to lay out case after case of lies, falsities, exaggerations and propaganda used to employ fascist policies. There are also appendices showing multiple scientific papers justifying my assertions. I also expose how this operation followed a strategic plan going back decades.

This paper is necessary to combat the multitude of lies being spouted by the media and establishment supporting remaining in the EU. The hard truth is that the EU has done no good to Britain whatsoever. The claims otherwise are propaganda lies. I examine several areas to show how bad being in the EU has been. In economic terms the damage is huge.

Modern sceptics claim that the Bible is full of myths. In fact, the foundation of many planks of modernism are fables that have no proof whatsoever.

This comment is necessary to warn people about the indoctrination that is well underway in society and what you must do to see past it and test what is true. To just trust the newspaper that you have read for decades, or the TV news you support, is a fatal flaw. They are now full of lies and propaganda. Be wise; be discerning; test all things; understand that deception is everywhere and is part of a spiritual battle. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

There has never been an era when lying propaganda was used so heavily on civilian populations. You are literally being conditioned by various systems around you to tow the establishment line; without this the elite could not get away with their policies. Jesus warned us about the extent of deception in the world, especially at the end and Christians should be wiser than the world in this matter. Sadly, so often that is not the case and many modern 'Christians' are even more deceived than the world, especially by Charismatic deceit. I explain this and give multiple examples of how the world governments have lied to you to achieve a certain goal. Don't accept the lies that are currently being perpetrated today, especially as war threatens.

This paper shows that the common use of the term 'Far Right' to demonise critics of the Left is fallacious. I explain the relevant terms and warn that Christians will be thus labelled. There are also two appendices, one of which is a commentary on the New Zealand shooting, which is being widely misrepresented as being perpetrated by a Far Right gunman. In fact he is a crazy Leftist.

The best deceptions have a morsel of truth and, like scorpions, their biggest threat is at first hidden from victims. This describes feminism. While early achievements, such as equal pay for equal work, were righteous, the movement soon revealed its true colours - which represent an attack on God himself and a perversion of his law. Many sincere women have been led into appalling error, sin and wickedness by this movement, including being exposed to paganism and witchcraft. Despite this little is being said by church leaders, in the UK at least. You need to read this paper and be educated what feminism is really all about. It is pernicious.

This is a paper on Fracking. It is an incredibly important subject since it can directly impact you and your family for the worse. Indeed, it is not extreme to say that some residents near Fracking sites have been hospitalised and killed by the effects while others can no longer drink their water. Be warned.

This paper is chiefly Scriptures that pertain to the responsibilities of governments and rulers. It is sobering to say the least. Those in power need to read this and fear. Voters need to see how to assess candidates for office.

A paper outlining the breakdown of society in Britain which evidences that God is judging this country.

A short paper proving that climate alarmist policies are detrimental to the planet.

This long paper explains the background necessary to understand the current conflict. This history is understood by few, yet it is vital to confront massive propaganda lies.

This paper analyses how Christian cults develop and why they are wrong. There are many examples to illustrate the issues.

This paper explains the well-known brainwashing techniques that produce complicity and how they were used by the government against you.

This paper exposes the hypocrisy that is prevalent in the mainstream media today. The reason for this is following an indoctrination programme to manipulate most of society to acquiesce to global elite strategies. Thus a certain feature in one area is highlighted when the same feature in another is completely ignored. For example: the deaths of 113 civilians in Syria is falsely blamed on Assad and trumpeted across the world but the deaths of many thousands of civilians, including many Christians, by US and UK air-strikes in Iraq and Syria are completely ignored. Be warned. There is no fairness or balance in journalism today in the media.

As part of my responsibility to inform and warn, this paper exposes the serious issues with the influenza vaccine. It gives hard scientific evidence for questioning the vaccine, including analysis of what is in the different sorts. The conclusion is serious; the establishment does not want people helped by this but harmed.

Do you think that your government is benevolent and cares for everyone in society? This paper shows that governments are in collusion with God's enemy and foster all sorts of wicked projects that only insane people would condone. They even sponsor programmes that harm their own families. This is part of the wickedness of man coming to fulness that I explain in other papers. Here I simply outline a number of insane government policies that are wicked and just nuts!

A hard-hitting essay explaining the catastrophic collapse of the testimony of institutional churches, The time has come for Biblical churches to emerge.

For all those busy people out there, here is my summary of Islam. While there are many introductions to Islam available, very many are filled with falsehoods (Taqiyya) to deliberately lead you astray. In addition, even many Muslims have no idea what Muhammad taught what Islam is all about. My précis gets to the root of the matter in a few pages (perhaps a bit more than five minutes). There is enough information here, with evidences, for you to hold your own in any debate.

This is a book of great importance. It is a complete survey of Islam that supplies information in one source that will be rarely seen elsewhere. It expounds all aspects of Islam from theology, to ethics, to politics, to history, fully explaining why most people have a very wrong idea about Islam; this includes many supposed Muslims. I also explain what is going on in societies where Muslims have gained a foothold and show why they are doing this (following Muhammad) and what the expected outcome is. The facts that I expose, with as little passion as possible, are truly appalling. Everyone needs to understand these facts, especially Christians.

As the elite plans for domination continue, this paper explains how one strategy is to destroy a sense of community because community derives from God.

This is an important and lengthy resource. It shows how all the negative changes in society were planned long ago. The key events, reports, books, papers, conferences are all listed. This contains huge amounts of information.

This paper proves that totalitarian government measures were nothing to do with a virus but were to drive a vaccine programme. I explain what this programme is for.

This paper is a condemnation of the situation in Britain today. This is the result of a series of anti-Christian governments that are intent on destroying Christian mores and social structures in this country. It stands condemned by God's law.

This is an expansion on a statement I have made in a previous paper that Jesus is viewed as the Word of God in Islam.

A short paper explaining the truth about Black Lives Matter and to whom submission is due.

A paper giving scientific and medical reasons why you should not wear a facemask. This policy is a further push towards totalitarianism.

This paper demonstrates that, on the one hand, we must love individual Jews just as any other people. On the other hand, we must be aware of the evil prescribed in Talmudic and Kabbalistic Judaism, and condemn it.

In response to one questioner, and to cover other future comments, this paper fully explains my argument that Christians must do good to all but not get involved in worldly politics. The argument is very clear. I also look at some objections, such as the slavery issue.

This clarifies the limits of obedience to the state and when to disobey.

This paper does what the title suggests. There is also a useful summary of the Biblical position regarding the end.

This paper is a long and difficult read but it deals with a very important issue. It explains why things are as they are in modern western culture. The incremental destruction of society is not an accident but part of a Marxist plan going back 100 years. The purpose is to overthrow society and enable a Marxist take-over by slowly destroying and reversing all the Christian ethical foundations of culture. It explains all the aspects of this, such as Post-modernism, gender issues, Intersectionality and political correctness.

This paper explains the satanic end time pervasive lying.

A simple diagram following on from "cultural movements that deceive nations", summarising the developments which prepare for a global government. We need to be ever watchful, as the Lord commanded.

This paper raises a number of serious questions about the lockdown. I intend to send a version of this to the Prime Minister. These questions need answers.

This is a simple, concise paper demonstrating that the climate change agenda is a pack of unscientific lies to pursue an evil agenda.

It is important to notice what the media is not asking politicians in the run up to the election as much as what they are asking. These important questions are being totally ignored.

One page short summaries of recent cosmological theories.

This has been much delayed due to illness. Even so, it contains valuable information and a Christian view of events.

The background to a redundant question used by atheists.

My government's position on this is illegal and shameful. It is part of an attempt to ramp up war with Russia. Here I give you some important facts not mentioned by the media. It is a scandalous propaganda progamme.

Christians, being citizens of a heavenly city, should not be formally tied to any political party, which are worldly at best. This paper looks at Socialism and compares it with Christianity since many Socialists link the two. I also cover key elements of right wing policies, with an appendix on definitions. May it be of use.

This paper is simply giving observations on some news stories, some of which were reported and others which were hidden. They point to a possible crescendo in world affairs.

This paper explains the importance of understanding the times and fighting the right battles.

This paper is just a simple table with no commentary at all. It demonstrates the differences between America and North Korea in connection with which country is a global aggressor.

People are still wearing face-masks with some authorities mandating them despite many institutions cancelling them. This habit is dangerous.

A very important, serious and disturbing paper but one that really needs to be read. It concerns the extent and cover-up of paedophilia at high levels of power and how this fits in with the Biblical revelation of events at the end. I have avoided really sordid and harrowing stories, though there are some details that may still disturb. What is shocking, and what you need to understand, is the depth of corruption that runs throughout society up to the very highest levels. Christians may well have voted for appalling paedophiles in the past. Whilst this investigation is restricted to the UK, there is much of interest to my friends in foreign lands where similar child abuse is just as rife. In some places it is worse. Only pass this paper on wisely to friends. It poses a threat to many in the establishment.

A few months before this paper, I sent out my first paper on the subject. Shortly after I sent out that paper to my circle, the bubble of state secrecy began to burst wide open. The amount of data is absolutely enormous, going back at least fifty years. However, here I try to group the information together as best as I can.

This is a separate single page summary paper that explains the basic details of Cultural Marxism in tabular form.

More Brexit betrayal. This is something approaching an exclusive. PM Theresa May has agreed to subordinate Britain's armed forces, defence, and foreign policy to the EU as a bargaining chip in the Brexit negotiations. Britain is already legally entwined in multiple EU defence policies which the Withdrawal Agreement confirms. Our armed forces are already signed up to be part of the EU army - and this has occurred after the Brexit vote. Just more proof that national governments do not represent the people but globalist policy makers.

This paper explains how man-made global warming is not supported by the best science and a growing, large number of scientists are discrediting it.

This paper is important because the news reporting in the mainstream media [MSM] is full of lies and distortion. In fact the general picture is the opposite of the truth. It is important for believers to understand what's involved since your government's policies are resulting in the deaths of Christians, just as it did in Iraq, which the MSM never talks about. Your taxes are being used to hurt the church. You should be appraised of the truth when determining your political support.

I wasn't going to write on this but, as I am being asked for my comments, it makes sense to put my thoughts down in one developed paper. Thus I have given my analysis, for what it is worth.

I have just dashed off this sarcastic commentary on the coronavirus charade. The government's actions are now so brazenly stupid that the only sane response is to poke fun at them. The devil hates being laughed at.

Society is being conditioned to have zero tolerance against thought and speech that is not socially acceptable, that is, what is permitted by the establishment. This is now leading to increasing acts of violence to dissenters. There is only one answer to this - Biblical Christianity.

This paper shows the massive attack on truth from all sides which leads to populations being programmed and conditioned. This is especially prevalent in universities dominated by Progressive Marxists. Parents must confront this propaganda if evidenced in their children. No matter how painful it is to shatter their world narrative, if you don't get them to see the truth and discard the lies, you will lose them to the enemy. Sadly, few parents even see the need to do this.

This paper explains the essential characteristics of the ruling Elite cabal that dominates governments. Written for those with no knowledge of the subject, it shows what the cabal is, what its goals are and how it achieves them.

This simple diagram explains the causes of the current global crisis.

This paper explains the purposes behind the current chaos.

This paper delineates the characteristics of the end and compares them to current events.

This is a severe warning about the coming economic collapse. I know this is scary but it is not scaremongering. It is a warning to prepare for it sensibly. Most Christians have little clue about this and yet it will directly affect them. Being in the tribulation means there are difficult times ahead. We must deal with this faithfully.

This paper is explosive. It gives the evidence that SARS-Cov-2 was not only man-made as a deliberate bio-weapon, it was made in America under the direction of Fauci and others, just as SARS-Cov-1. It was further enhanced in Wuhan, paid for by Fauci. I also give numerous testimonies by doctors on the lethality of the other bio-weapon, the Covid vaccine. You need to read this data.

A simple analysis explaining why the Antichrist is corporate, sinful, humanity at the end.

This paper explains the genocide of the elderly during the Covid fake crisis. God will hold those responsible to account.

This paper gives you all the ammunition you need. Scores of scientific papers are cited proving every aspect of the Covid sceptic claims. This is very useful data to convince people stuck in the false narrative.

This paper shows how the wickedness of national leaders ruins the nation.

This paper explains the genocide that is currently underway. It is also a commentary on numerous issues going on around the world. There is a huge amount of data here.

I had to put my other studies on hold in order to write this paper on the risks facing all our loved ones from mobile phones, especially young children. The seriousness of this cannot be overstated.

This was written to help a friend but it covers issues that will be of interest to you. The more a nation follows Biblical principles, the more civilised it is; the more it destroys those principles, the more barbaric it becomes.

This is a simple analysis of the chaos in Britain's democracy in recent years. The situation constantly changed as I wrote this paper and a general election is now forthcoming. Christians need to carefully consider the recent behaviour of prospective candidates.

As the Brexit vote continues to send shock waves through the establishment, this paper shows how the referendum has exposed the denial of democracy in the parliamentary system, and particularly in the political party system. It is time for a change.

This is hugely important, eye-opening and quite shocking. It shows the levels of deceitful control at all levels of society by the controlling elite. This is especially true in religion and politics.

Due to considerable interest in a section of my last paper, I have now excerpted it and expanded it significantly here.

This is a short exposition of an important Biblical subject that is very pertinent today.

This paper exposes the massive contradiction taught by the establishment. It is impossible to believe in evolution and Gay issues; they are completely at odds with each other. This is so obvious it is amazing that no one in the media highlights this. It is time to demand honesty and a change in education policy.

A change from theological issues due to a current problem - drought. The difficulties Britain is currently facing with water supply has very little to do with a lack of water but a great deal to do with mismanagement and corporate greed. Britain has faced drought every few years from time immemorial; this is nothing new. What is a bigger problem is the continual raping of natural resources by water companies with no care for long-term capital investment in infrastructure, to say nothing of bad practices. This paper demonstrates this and shows that it is an offence to God. It has finally dawned on the government that this is a problem and white papers are currently considering substantial reforms, though sadly not re-nationalisation. This paper should help you get hold of some key facts.

This paper is about the suggestion that man is the prime cause or that a change of action by mankind can change the world’s climate. This is foolishness of course. Man’s contribution is tiny in comparison with planetary forces. The suggestion that man can change climate is hubris beyond common sense. However, the current political demand for urgent action against global warming have detrimental repercussions, and these repercussions are generally not good.

This paper summarises all the lies of the western media and the Elite cabal regarding the Ukrainian conflict.

This paper seeks to explain the truth about recent events in Syria and how Iran is being goaded into creating an excuse for war. This war is a key part of Israeli strategy for the Middle East. The media seems to care little about continual Israeli air-strikes in Syria for years, while Trump has behaved disgracefully regarding the Iran deal. These are dangerous times.

Although not directly applicable to my overseas friends, this paper still has many important and relevant points. For British people, this paper describes how the current government is committed to a vicious plan to destroy the NHS. This plan involves lies, intrigue, fraud as well as public statements. You need to understand this in order to be a responsible citizen. Already many thousands of people have no GP and both London and Birmingham surgeries are taking no new patients. Both areas are affecting my own family negatively. Soon this will affect many more people as GPs are leaving the job thoroughly fed up with the stress and extra unpaid work. In time UK healthcare will be back to Dickensian standards. Already some areas are being denied necessary operations, treatment or equipment. What is worse is that the politicians organising this degeneration are profiting from being on the boards of the private companies taking NHS work. You need to see the data supplied here. The facts speak for themselves. It is an act of great wickedness.

This paper contains my observations following the referendum vote after Brexit. A great deal has yet to occur and we cannot be complacent.

This paper explains the general dumbing down process that has been going on for decades as well as the recent significant decrease in cognitive ability that began after the Covid vaccine rollout.

This is an explanation of how geo-politics has reversed in recent years. I also show why this happened and who the key players in the corruption of world politics are. One key issue is the attack on Christianity that underlies this.

This paper explains why the West is pursuing utterly stupid policies. It is part of the satanic war against God.

This is an essay about the collapse of Western cultural institutions and what we do in the face of this.

This paper analyses and refutes the ideas of Woke Progressives that are dominating modern discourse. In reality, this Left-wing ideology is simply the new mouthpiece of Cultural Marxism that seeks to overturn Christian principles in society.

This event requires comment as the official narrative is an insult to the intelligence. One must begin to see how events are being manipulated to further the satanic strategy of world domination by a Luciferian elite. I analyse the known facts and expose the problems. I also reveal the massive occult coincidences.

This is the final update on the Las Vegas massacre posted on 14 October 2017, and is double the last edition.

This explains the devil's basic lie that undergirds all forms of false religion.

A paper on Baalism in the Bible and history with an evaluation of how a new Baalism is being evidenced in the world today.

A short paper warning you of a possible new scare tactic used to cover up Covid vaccine deaths.

Here I give my thoughts and observations on this topic before I get swamped with questions. I also explain the background of Cultural Marxism, which is very relevant. There are many unanswered questions and the official narrative has serious holes.

This paper explains how and why the world is insane.

Society is dominated by wickedness. This wickedness is controlled by people committed to certain agendas. One means of facilitating these agendas is to lie to the public; thus politicians are frequently caught out in blatant lies. But it is worse than that. There are several religious groups who are allowed by their religion to lie and deceive outsiders. Many people in such groups are in high levels of power. You need to understand the basis of this lying so that you are not deceived yourself.

This paper analyses the phenomenon of white pilled Christianity and finds it wanting.

This paper explains the character and rationale of the global elite cabal behind national governments. It also has sections on why the Covid crisis was planned and how Cultural Marxism triumphed under a Conservative government.

A serious paper showing how Scripture reveals the workings of Satan, and an extrapolation of that teaching to show how he is working in the world today, and what he is working towards. Christians need to be aware of the satanic strategy that is active in politics and world organisations, and avoid supporting them.

This paper explains the hidden attack on community behind Covid social restrictions.

The diagram shows the pervading influence and plan behind the overreaction to the epidemic; beware what will follow.

This paper gives you the information showing the true reason for the current pressure on hospitals. Here is a clue; it is not a novel virus.

This is an important paper that has been copied to my MP. It shows hard facts and new data proving that the lockdown house arrest was the exact wrong strategy that worsened the epidemic. It also shows that in many places hospital treatment killed patients unnecessarily. The economic effects, revealed by new data, are dire.

With apologies to oversees subscribers, this paper simply lays out some important facts to consider regarding the upcoming UK election. I do not tell anyone how to vote but just give vital facts that you need to be aware of regarding two or three issues.

A paper showing the sin of severely increasing the number of poor people and worsening the lot of the vulnerable.

This is a paper showing the sin of severely increasing the number of poor people and worsening the lot of the vulnerable.

This is a strong paper; the weak should turn away. In it I explain the shocking lack of discernment in most Christians today. I also explain how the Covid crisis is really a Satanic agenda that must be understood and refused.

The world is facing a severe crisis of its own making. Understand and prepare.

Here I demonstrate how the world is going mad, why this is happening, how it is happening, and the organisations behind it. I explain that this is all under God's sovereign control and for his end time purpose to glorify his name. It is filled with useful data.

These are two concise fact-file papers (above and below) to summarise key points. Useful for passing on.

These are my thoughts on the election. For those not interested in the UK election, there are some pertinent Biblical thoughts about involvement in politics in the conclusion.

This paper explains the psychotic decisions of the UK government to destroy millions of trees, both in the UK and in Virginia, USA. Few people understand anything about this and there are two key industries involved, supposedly Green biomass energy and 5G. Both are deleterious.This paper also forms a short introduction to the dangerous perils of 5G. Beware, it is coming to you.

This is a paper on some basic economic and social parameters which we need to understand in order to properly judge politicians. This is especially true in an election year (as per the UK). It is not enough these days to judge what is right and what is left since all the UK parties (except Respect and the Greens) are on the right. The nuances of scale, especially regarding authoritarianism, are very important. I hope this paper is of some value.

This is a warning to wake up and see what is going on around you - the attempted destruction of Christianity and Godly principles in society.

This book length paper seeks to explain the madness that is going on in society, how it is coming to a head this year and the next two years, what the background is and where this is all going. Each section has its own warnings and explanations. The introductory background section is useful on its own which incorporates a Biblical explanation of what is predicted. This paper is full of important data with over 100 references plus sectional bibliographies. There is also a section on what can be done that includes very practical suggestions. Nevertheless, the situation is dire indeed and the seriousness of what is planned must be understood. Everyone needs to be informed about this.

In obedience to the Lord's command in Prov 31:9 (and the overwhelming repeated example of the OT prophets and the law of God) I draft this paper condemning the devastating and foolish cuts on the disabled and poor by this current government in disobedience to God's law. I list some examples of how these affect the disabled and poor and also show the relevant Scriptures that apply to the government. By making the rich much richer at the same time as making the poor and sick worse off is a sin in itself. But to do this to fix the problems in the economy caused by the sins of the rich in the first place is gross iniquity. These policies are wicked and God's word affirms that Christians should condemn them.

This paper is necessary comment on the situation in the west at the moment, which is an all out psychological war (and sometimes material oppression) of Christianity and those who support traditional values. You need to understand what is happening and be wise.

Wokeism is part of a modern attack on Christian principles in Western society. Here I explain its origins, fundamentals and problems.

Warning: do not read if you are vaccinated and of a nervous disposition. This paper explains why the Covid vaccines are bio-weapons. They cause multiple harms and kill in various ways, some fast, some slowly. However, there is reason for hope. Not all the vaccines are harmful, some are placebos. I also show how best to reverse the effects.

This paper analyses all the claims which the establishment derided as Covid conspiracy theories, which have been proved to be correct. It includes some new and important information.

A paper that you need to read in order to understand what is actually going on in Syria. The whole war against IS is a fabrication and a means to make geopolitical changes, introduce radical domestic despotic laws and possibly usher in a world war. Cameron is complicit in this and is now spending your taxes to bomb innocent civilians, only serving to further radicalise offended Muslims and threaten the UK. The days of the elite fooling people are drawing to a close as more and more people see what is going on. Remember all the lies when (if) you next vote. Of course, the believer sees all this as part of the end time plans to bring about a satanic, global, despotic government.

The deep state driven media is at it again trying to foist war, possibly world war upon us. Although the BBC is happy to repeat lie upon lie, even a cursory examination of the facts regarding the Syrian Sarin attack shows that it was not done by Assad, or Russia, but by the people your taxes are funding. When will people wake up?

This paper explains the various reasons why most people cannot, or will not, understand that there is a global, satanic, conspiracy.

This paper explains why the global elite despises and fears Russia.

This paper shows the origin, constituents and character of witchcraft, showing why it is wrong.

This paper lays out the truth regarding the Douma attack. It was not Assad. British and American secret services have been planning this for some time.

I realised that a very concise leaflet, two sides of one page, would be an ideal way of summarising what has happened in the last two years and what the purpose is. Of course, this limited space is forced to omit many issues, but it is the best way to inform ignorant people. This format will enable you to make multiple copies to give your friends.