A strong critique of David Engelsma's book 'Bound To Join'. I have long admired Engelsma as being one of the best Calvinistic teachers in the world; many of his works have helped me in the last 20 years. However, his denomination has become more and more exclusive and now he (and others associated with him) make cultic statements and give extremely bad counsel. This could not be ignored and, sadly, I have had to critique this awful work.

In this paper some detail problems with Reformed theology is identified.

We are living in a world infused with occultism, both overtly and by stealth. Our leaders are pursuing occult objectives set by Luciferians in control. This is the wound of the beast that was healed. This paper explains how occultism started and spread but was then dealt a death blow only to be reborn when Satan was loosed in the mid-1800s.

The latest serious error from Chalke was passed on to me a while ago. Normally I would ignore acting on this and just file away the evidence, but this required combating. There is an assault on the word of God going on today, from widely esteemed people, and this must be condemned. Therefore, this paper exposes Chalke's errors and shows why he holds them. The subject matter is gay partnerships, championed by Chalke.

This is a strident warning to the modern failing church, a church that pats itself on the back and parties, despite the fact that there are fewer and fewer Christians in the country and paganism reigns. The church is fiddling while Rome burns. This is a repetition of the failings of Israel, which God warned through the ministry of Isaiah. Such warning are pertinent today, as this paper reveals.

A refutation of the claims and Bible translation of Christopher Sparkes. Be warned.

A paper written to defend a wrongly criticised friend. The argument may give the reader helpful understanding about the matter (and debate) of law and grace.

Having had requests for this, here is a paper on the teaching of John Piper. There are grave problems with what this man preaches. Be warned.

This paper helps in understanding that the concoction that is ‘Jewish Roots’ is an evil, compromised and idolatrous religion that is neither Christianity nor Judaism but heresy to both.

This is an exposé of a very serious false teacher and a very unpleasant person. I know that some of you have friends who follow this man because you have asked for my help previously. Here is a simple summary of some of his errors and an example of his vile defamation found in one video of a speech. I then analyse and comment on the points he makes and the character he manifests. Though much could be written about this man, and I have done so years ago, this short paper is all that you really need; he stands condemned by his own words and attitude. This should help you have ammunition to assist your friends.

This paper reminds of the importance to stop pretending that everything is fine and the problems in the ecclesiastical world are all out there with somebody else. Sure Charismatic churches have many problems but Reformed churches have almost as many and this needs repenting of.

This paper exposes a number of church gimmicks in recent history that effectively distracted Christians from centring on Christ.

A short history of inspirational (Charismatic) movements in history showing how they prefigured much of what is going on in the Charismatic Movement today. The difference is that these were tested, confronted and condemned in history by godly church leaders.

This is a concise reference book analysing all the main cults and sects that call themselves 'Christian'. There is value in understanding where these went wrong as a warning to us to be cautious.

I recently wrote a critique of a book by Mark Dunman on Christian Zionism which was well received by some of my readers. I gave Mark the opportunity to respond and welcomed a personal debate. He refrained from debate but wrote a response. There is no point in uploading this response as it is tedious, meandering and filled with errors of interpretation and theology. However, there are arguments in my reply to this which may be of some use to readers.

In preparing me to meet him at a conference, I read some of Edwards' newer books. I write this criticism with sadness, because he became heretical since his last range of material published.

This is a paper sent to a website which is promoting evangelistic partnerships in Sussex (UK). It is blatant Arminianism and appears to be associated with the Elim church. Clearly the host of that website does not seem to realise that this Gospel is false, unbiblical and completely contradictory to both God's character and his word. Some of you are in this catchment area in Sussex. You need to be aware of the basis of this initiative if your pastor makes alliances.

A synopsis of the theological systems behind current UK church streams.

A sobering paper on just how bad the modern church is and why. Every few years I write on the downgrade of the church and each time the situation is worse. We need to consider the radical, Biblical strategies that some of us have been proclaiming for decades.

There is a growing problem with believers centring their Christian lives on Israel and all things Jewish. This is a deception to distract people from focusing upon Christ.

Compiling this paper was not pleasant. Nevertheless is was necessary to warn believers and show that Fish's arguments are unsound.

This is a paper that shows you what Charismatic global revivalists think, how they behave and what they claim. I then show what Jesus and the apostles actually teach, which is the direct opposite. Those who teach the opposite of Jesus are following a satanic strategy. No more need be said.

A paper showing how important the inner life of the believer is and how externalism rules in many churches today. Externalism produces dead works; communing with Christ leads to spiritual fruit. I trust it will be helpful.

It is shocking what passes for the Gospel in many modern churches, particularly Charismatic churches. We must take great care to ensure that the message we proclaim is Scriptural and honours God.

A reader asked me to explain this subject, so here is its history and content. 'Fundamentalist' is not a useful term for Biblical believers, though the movement did some good things.

I have interrupted my work on two important papers again in order to meet a pressing issue. You are aware of the current argument made by false Jewish Root teachers regarding the Greek background to systematic theology. This argument is based upon historical lies and dangerous false statements, such as demeaning intellectual rigour. This paper thoroughly demonstrates that the background to the NT and apostolic writings is not Jewish but Greek. Furthermore, even the background to NT Judaism was Hellenistic in many respects, even in Palestine. Most of the then Jews spoke Aramaic in Palestine and Greek elsewhere and used a Greek OT. Jewish Root teachers not only teach heresy regarding Scriptural doctrine, but they also teach outright historical lies. Be warned.

The Gospel proclaimed by the people at 'Healing on the Streets' is unbiblical and false. The Biblical Gospel proclaims Christ as the only mediator between God and man, the one who redeems God's people and the only Saviour and Lord.

This has great impact in all sorts of church situations, yet there is much confusion about it. Many erroneous Higher Life ideas underlie widespread evangelical notions about holiness. While there are some good aspects, the general drift of the teaching is dangerous.

While Charismatics will claim that their root is God’s word and God’s Spirit, here we look at what the precursors of Charismatic theology and practice really are.

Many commonly accepted characteristics of modern church life have no sanction whatsoever from the Bible and some even repudiate the specific teaching of the Lord Jesus.

This paper shows how many of the idiosyncratic features of Charismatic ministry and church meetings are based on Old Covenant Jewish religion, which is now abolished by Christ’s New Covenant.

This paper analyses how Christian cults develop and why they are wrong. There are many examples to illustrate the issues.

A UK news report came out in October 2012 making reference to ecumenism. This is a paper showing where ecumenism leads.

After some questions I thought it useful to give a full summary of the Eastern Orthodox Church. This is useful since many Protestants (mainly disenchanted Charismatics) have joined it in recent decades and folk should know what is involved. This is a thorough examination of doctrine and practice which shows that it is far from Biblical and seriously heretical.

A short examination of Hunt's latest lies about Calvin.

In response to a request for help, here is a paper critiquing yet another baseless attack on Calvin. As usual the attack parrots the same old red herrings, misrepresentation and barefaced lies. This paper exposes the deceit and also gives a succinct introduction to Calvin's biography.

Amyraldism who hold this view, was once considered a rogue theological development in the 17th century and was combated by consistent Calvinist teachers just as much as Arminianism, but it is now accepted by most Reformed people and virtually all evangelicals. This should not be.

In the light of a continuing barrage of Jewish Root propaganda, this is a very straightforward paper explaining why it is absolutely unbiblical and dangerous. The chief reason is that it takes the Christian's attention off Christ and places it upon a sinful nation. This error fails to see even the simplest NT apostolic comments on the matter.

This paper seeks to refute the unbiblical claims of Jewish Root teachers. We seek to show, very simply, what Scripture states on the key issues involved. Only the minimal comment is given for clarity. In doing so we seek to show that Jewish Root teaching is utterly unbiblical and damaging to the Lord’s people.

This is the best in-depth biography I can come up with for this obscure and deliberately hidden character. Few have even heard of him and yet he was the most important catalyst in the foundations of both Calvary Chapel and The Vineyard churches, two of the biggest Charismatic denominations in the world, and the two that spawned Christian rock music and modern Charismatic worship, as well as the Signs and Wonders movement. He was a tragic personality and his input into the modern Charismatic church scene needs to be understood. May this be of use.

This is a very important paper. It demonstrates that the Bible is God's very own word, the manifestation of his mind. It is the only source of spiritual authority. All other claims of authority are false and are to be rejected. I also show how prophetic movements in history all led to chaos and apostasy. There is also an expose of modern false prophets, authoritarian despots and prophetic movements.

The modern church has become materialistic in its working, damaging Biblical faith and Christian growth. So many today fail to see that the Christian life is a spiritual pilgrimage on Earth. This is a disaster of huge proportions!

A paper explaining the theology behind a popular modern form of antinomianism. It is very important to understand this.

A paper on this person who has managed to establish a huge presence on the Internet and YouTube. If you don't know about her now, you will soon. Hence this warning.

This paper demonstrates that, on the one hand, we must love individual Jews just as any other people. On the other hand, we must be aware of the evil prescribed in Talmudic and Kabbalistic Judaism, and condemn it.

This paper seeks thoroughly to take apart the chief teaching of Charismatics. This would also serve as a useful summary of Christian doctrine. There are many critiques of Charismania, but few seek to investigate the range of doctrines found here.

Without doubt this is just another modern deception seeking to attach to itself some credibility by claiming the support of the father of the post-deluvian earth. It will lead - like all other deceptions - to hell, since it offers a false salvation.

This paper briefly outlines the key occult teachings and practice that have emerged in recent decades. It is important for Christ’s disciples to understand the roots of these matters.

This takes apart a common saying. Those who use this saying betray their lack of understanding about pilgrimage and thus the basis of their whole walk in Christ. It is commonly heard in dominionist Charismatic settings.

This is an analysis of the latest fad (aberration) to emerge from the apostate church. It is a means of encouraging mysticism and results in non-prayer. Beware.

This is a paper analysing and refuting the doctrine of Preparationism. Sadly this was common amongst the Puritans and subsequently has been popularised amongst modern Baptists. This doctrine is not Biblical, not Reformed and is very damaging.

A challenge to Charismatics to examine the practices of their movement in the light of scripture. This is not intended to bash Charismatics, but as a genuine guide to truth.

This reply to a You Tuber is meant as a friendly correction of facts. However, it also forms a very convenient basic apologetic for young Christians regarding issues that regularly crop up.

This paper is very important because it is necessary to understand where the main features of Charismatic churches come from. We need to know what the root systems underlying Charismatic things really are.

An introduction to information that has been produced in order to help people who begin to realise that there are serious problems with their church being unbiblical.

A thorough review of a book about Israel written by someone local to us. While being somewhat softer than some recent Jewish Root propaganda, it is still filled with errors and unbiblical ideas. My review, therefore, has the benefit of being a commentary on many of the Christian Zionist, Messianic Christian, errors that are being propounded today. Most of them are based upon severely twisted Biblical interpretation leading to theological error. The review will be useful as a summary of Messianic Christian heresies and why the movement is novel, modern and dangerous.

This paper helps us realise that looking to Jewish forms is but trusting in something fleshly and earthly – Paul demands that we rejoice in Christ and ignore such fleshly items.

This is yet another ecumenical initiative in my area in the UK and one which affects many people that I know personally. Ecumenical initiatives are wrong and unbiblical. I believe that few realise how damaging they are to spiritual health.

One of the key reasons for the church's downfall is the Charismatic Movement, not because it focuses on spiritual gifts (actually congregational participation in gifts is minimal) but because it is a Trojan Horse.

This is a long paper fully documenting the utter failure of the Charismatic Movement, especially in the UK. The effects of this failure are dramatic, extensive and shattering. God's people need to be cognisant of these things. Charismatic leaders need to hang their head in shame. I trust this will be a useful resource as a summary of Charismatic errors with specific examples.

This paper explains how Jesus' prophecies were fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem. He said that the temple, the city and the people would be crushed in divine judgment. This happened in 70 AD. The implications of this are huge regarding the false Judaism, really Talmudism, of today.

Perhaps the worst lie that is being foisted on the Lord's people is that of works righteousness. Yet when dressed up in the right garb and presented by trustworthy preachers, even this lie will find toleration amongst many.

Despite the fact that there is no sincere offer in the Gospel to reprobates - that God does not love all or offer salvation to all but only to the elect - certain teachers keep raising the same errors, often using disingenuous methods.

Historic Calvinism, both in its accepted standards and as expressed by its main theologians, denies the free offer; indeed, it would recognise the teaching of modern free offer preachers as Amyraldism, and condemn it as error.

Have you been told that you must call Jesus by the name of Yeshua or even Yashua? Have you been confused as to what to think? Has the English church been wrong on this for 2,000 years? This is a pretty detailed paper explaining what you need to know and what the lies are, and even where they came from. Do not be confused, God is satisfied with you calling his Son, 'Jesus'.

This is a very important and explosive book. It explains how the Pharisees, whom Jesus denounced as satanic liars and murderers, evolved into modern day rabbinic Judaism, via the Talmud and Kabbala. Modern Orthodox Judaism is nothing but Satan worship and a licence to commit wickedness. Thus any association with Judaism, or the State of Israel which is founded on the Talmud, is pure blasphemy. Messianic Christianity is a deception that supports Satanism. This book also shows how Marxism and Zionism are the Talmud in political practice. This explains many historical mysteries: why Patton was halted, why the Bolsheviks were aided by America, why the US enabled the Communist take over of China and why the US lost the Korean War, and much more. Christians must understand the truth about Judaism.

This paper concisely shows how people replace Christ with fleshly notions of various sorts.

This is a necessary critique that I believe God has constrained me to write after 30 plus years of patient waiting. There are many important lessons and much background historical and doctrinal information.

An important paper showing that a great many practices and principles of the modern church have not an ounce of support in the Bible. If we took them all away there would be little left. This shows how unbiblical the modern church is. From Gospel preaching to church practices, we have strayed from the truth. May God have mercy on his people.

Huge numbers of churchgoers have been deceived about the subject of Jews and Judaism, and this has only occurred during the awful apostasy and deception that has developed in the last 150 years, an unprecedented falling away. This paper is a detailed exposition of what the Bible expressly teaches about Jews from cover to cover; indeed, most of the salient points rest chiefly on numerous Biblical quotes. I also explain modern Judaism and what it entails. This is important and sobering reading. It is necessary for you to keep yourself in the word of God on this issue.

As was the case in the apostolic church, the focus of this paper is on the modern church facing a threat from two opposite directions. The first is the widespread neo-Gnosticism of the Charismatic Movement, and the other is the centring upon Jewish things and Judaism exhibited in a number of movements. Both these threats are deceptions designed by the enemy to distract Christians away from the truth in Christ.

This book is a thorough examination of the claims of Dispensationalism and Messianic Christianity that Jews are the people of God and that the kingdom is primarily Jewish. I expound the Biblical texts involved and demonstrate the theological fallacies involved.

A paper dealing with the popular YouTube video of Stephen Fry denouncing God on the basis of human suffering. I hope my apologetic will be of some use.

A paper critiquing a very influential church leader and writer in New York. More and more church leaders in the UK are becoming supporters of this man and imbibing his teaching. However, my paper demonstrates that his teaching is far from orthodox; indeed even his Gospel is deeply flawed. This is yet another teacher that people need to be warned about. His deceptive messages will only cause problems.

From the mid 1980’s, many churches began to follow the emphasis given by John Wimber on Signs and Wonders. Indeed, who could fail to be captivated by the humility, affability and sincerity of the man who described himself as: ‘just a little fat man on his way to heaven’. The main concern of this paper is the alliances that began to emerge following John Wimber’s involvement in the English church scene. It also touches on the issue of false prophets and other charismatic and pentecostal errors.

This paper fully analyses the subject of visions and whether they are to be expected and sought today.

This paper shows that the favouring of Judaism is not only unbiblical and unwise, it is dangerous. Judaism is a false religion that is set in opposition to Christ. Furthermore, support of the modern state of Israel is extremely unwise as it is a fleshly nation like any other and prone to serious mistakes.

Yet another novelty in the apostasy-ridden churches, using the term 'G-d' for God; supposedly out of respect. In fact it is due to adopting the superstitious attitudes of the Pharisees to word magic as taught by Talmudic rabbis. It is not reverential, it is a demonic deception. Oh that God's people would wake up and focus on his Word instead of the fables of men.