This paper looks at the problem where the precedent set by that both scripture and early church history are not followed today. It shows that the local church is informal, organic, unstructured, participatory, not dominated by one man, and open to many individual gifts.

This paper attempts to help us see how much the impact of the world in the church is a travesty, and being the beginning of undoing the work of grace. The damage caused by emotionalism is equally dangerous. Both are accelerated by over emphasising instrumental music. It is much better to be obedient and obey the apostolic practice of a cappella singing.

The New Testament model for the local church.

Here are the subjective thoughts of an old man on this important subject.

This was supposed to be just a few notes made while reading the work by Svendsen. However, the amount of errors contained in the book resulted in this necessary critique.

Some women are shy and timid, while others even become repressed within their own home. This paper is an encouragement to Christian women not to let this happen to you; you have a significant calling.

This is a paper on a terrible subject; apostasy. This needs to be addressed today because we are seeing people, and especially church leaders, apostatise at a terrible rate. I have tried to expound this properly to give a good foundation on the matter. I trust that the conclusion shows that this is not an entirely negative subject. We must individually persevere and encourage each other to love and good works.

In order to explain the technicalities about the doctrine of apostasy, this paper analyses what it is, what words are used in Scripture and how other doctrines are affected by it. I trust this will answer any questions.

This is a clear exposition of a verse to show that the Charismatic practice of apostles ruling the church is entirely false. There is also an appendix on the matter of submission to leaders.

Paul taught that all members are involved in ministry and even the ministry of the word is much more than just an intellectual sermon. It is impossible to have a biblical view of church ministry without emphasising the need for every member to participate fully.

This short study on worship in the church focuses upon the clear apostolic teaching in the NT letters. To understand worship, we must first get to grips with the apostolic content, and then apply these principles to the relevant OT scriptures.

The predominant model of church leader today is the manager; the biblical model is the father.

All God's purposes centre in Christ and have the objective of putting Christ first. Even the structure of the universe is based upon the centrality of Christ. How much more should the church, the body of Christ, be focused upon putting Christ first?

This is a practical paper that examines the situation that most of us face today, what do we do in the light of church apostasy? The normal advice given by leaders is far too shallow and fails to take into account God's prior will. Your holiness is God's prime concern and that must undergird your decisions.

This paper is an appendix to another that I am working on. However, it forms a very useful summary Biblical analysis of grace gifts. In a few pages you have all the information you need.

It's time for the Lord's people to put the church back into the Lord's hands. He will build it his way if man stops meddling.

In this paper we look at the rise in popularity of so-called deliverance and counselling ministry. These extreme practices undertaken more and more today, have no biblical or apostolic grounds.

The richness of the diverse terms for the church are intended to show the great variety of the blessings that God has conferred upon his chosen people.

Discipleship is a subject often hijacked by authoritarian church leaders as a tool to dominate people; as such it involves much human wisdom rather than Biblical principles. This paper draws out some discipling principles of Jesus in his High Priestly prayer. I trust this will be of use to pastors and others.

This is an analysis and history of the use of drums. It shows what the purposes of drums are in society and discusses their relevance within church worship. Needless to say, along with other musical instruments, there is no place for drums. Indeed, drums are the very last thing a church should consider introducing.

This is an important paper explaining the Biblical role of elders and differentiating them from deacons. Sadly few churches understand the principles taught in this essay, which is one reason why many churches are in a mess.

A simple paper outlining the key principles of church leadership. Comments are kept to a minimum since the Scripture texts are obvious.

This is an encyclopaedia of ways to identify false teachers in the church, of which there are many. Normally two or three characteristics will be sufficient to get a good idea, but this paper gives you the A to Z lowdown on how to spot dangerous elements in the churches. Never has this information been more necessary than today.

This is an exposition of an important passage in Ephesians that few interpret correctly. It shows the vital importance of every member in the local church and how every member ministry (mutual edification) equips the saints and promotes growth. The reason why the churches are in a mess is because this is nowhere practised.

The problem of apostate churches and professing believers.

This is the substance of a study I have given one Sunday. It seeks to give the proper interpretation of a passage often completely misunderstood and turned into a legalistic ritual with no relevance. In fact, Jesus' actions in John 13 are incredibly important and must be understood properly.

This is a paper that explains how God's power is centred in the church on earth in these days. It is not a flamboyant expression of power but it is a great power. Christians need to understand what this power is and where it is centred.

It seems that the modern church will try anything - no matter how wacky - to swell its numbers, apart from submitting to what God commands of us in His word.

This paper touches on man’s continual attempt to bring homogeneity into the work of God. Homogeneity is the activity to make everything or everyone the same. God works differently.

God has arrested you for a purpose. He chose you in eternity for a specific reason, and not just out of mercy. It is vital that we grow in knowledge of God and manifest his character on Earth.

A paper demonstrating that many natural processes of reproduction provide a fitting illustration of how the church is supposed to grow, by splitting of the home church and multiplication of new churches. There is good precedent for this sort of study since Jesus did exactly the same in using features of the natural world to illustrate his teaching on this. Such processes are the opposite of the way the modern church seeks to grow by agglomeration into a centralised large unit.

A hard-hitting essay explaining the catastrophic collapse of the testimony of institutional churches, The time has come for Biblical churches to emerge.

There is no apostolic command, model or sanction for instrumental music in the church; who are we to include such pagan and worldly elements in church meetings?

The sermon in not commanded in the New Testament for use as the means of edification in the church, and there is no precedent for it as the focus of fellowship life. It is contrary to the New Testament methods of building up the body, which is by mutual edification.

This paper shows how Jeremiah's prophecies to apostate Judah speak directly to the modern church situation.

A paper showing how wrong modern church leadership is and how far it differs from that of the Lord Jesus, Paul and great church leaders in history. There will also be much to learn from sections on suffering and money.

There are many different methodologies that claim to be successful in local church evangelism, but do any of these have any Biblical credit? What does the Bible teach about man's involvement in evangelism?

Mutual edification involves the active participation of every body member; the church is dysfunctional if its meetings are dominated by one person.

This paper takes the example of project control and applies it to the qualifications needed in church leadership. It is provocative.

This is a message I preached in 1983 when I was in a Charismatic church. The content is still useful today.

Some practical help in witnessing. Relevant texts are listed along with the logical steps of conversion to aid the disciple in presenting the Gospel.

This is a booklet about commands, precedents and principles by which we can establish how a New Testament church should be established, develop and function.

This is a paper which strives to expose the underlying formulations and fashions that undergird many churches. These have been around throughout history but are today appearing all over the place as the churches become more apostate. Those which exhibit several of these tendencies are the most heretical. This is a new way of evaluating what churches actually are. I trust it will be helpful.

'Psalms Only' is a position that means well and strives to be Biblical, but in the end actually becomes unbiblical. It fails to see the fulness of the changes effected by the New Covenant (a typical problem with Covenant Theology).

Is God's purpose for the church for there to be a return to biblical church life at the end-times so that the church will be a complete testimony to the glory of God?

Categorically all references to church meetings in the New Testament are in houses and nowhere else.

This paper is a mere taster on the subject of divine community and the vital necessity for Christians to work this principle out on earth. It is the basis of the church being a family, not an organisation, something that is almost universally ignored.

This paper gives solid Biblical and theological evidence for the necessity of house churches. More than ever such are needed today.

This is a hard-hitting exhortation based on clear exposition. It is exceedingly important. The future of the church is literally at stake. You must understand the falling away.

This is important. It explains what fellowship is and why it is spiritual. Mutually edifying one another cannot be done remotely.

God considers His church to be a family and expects it to act like a family; He forbids us to behave as if it were a mere organisation.

Whilst a communal meal can be a beneficial part of a church meeting, the Lord's Supper is - and always was - distinct from such meal. The scriptural evidence requiring this demarcation is presented in this paper.

An examination of the total difference between worldly and Biblical leadership. Sadly everywhere today the churches are following earthly leadership patterns instead of the Biblical one, which is humble service like a shepherd.

We ignore the importance of teaching in the local church at our peril.

Exhortation is more than delivering a sermon and God also commands that it be constant, multiple and mutual.

This short paper gives interesting information revealing how God prepared the world for the effective transmission of the Gospel. It proves the undeniable wisdom and predestination of God. Some believers understand one or two of these things but very few are aware of all of them.

Can we tell sinners that God loves them?

This is a necessary critique that I believe God has constrained me to write after 30 plus years of patient waiting. There are many important lessons and much background historical and doctrinal information.

This paper explains how the church in the world has become corrupted going back to the second century. Today the pollution is complete.

Most modern churchgoers are pre-occupied with earthly success.Their own satisfaction becomes an idol that traps them. It is no surprise that there is a famine of the word of the Lord in these churches. This paper shows that according to the Bible, there is no testimony in avoiding suffering, but there is in being victorious in it.

The believers meeting in Biblical churches that function according to scripture will grow automatically with divine power. It is that simple.

There are several sorts of hindrances and each requires a different approach. Wisdom is required to discern the sources of hindrances to the Lord's work.

This is an important feature of Biblical interpretation that is often ignored. The events in Acts include unusual and temporary circumstances. These cannot be used to establish doctrines or unbiblical practices.

This is a paper on the need to discriminate between Biblical tradition, which is to be obeyed, and the tradition of men, which is to be rejected. Though this is a simple matter, very many in the church today make serious mistakes about this.

It is my contention that almost everything done in modern, formal, institutional churches is wrong. This is a strong statement but the attached paper demonstrates that it is true. Oh that the church would wake up and see the truth of God's word and dedicate itself to obey it fully. Then, instead of being a weak, ridiculed and largely ignored segment of society, we might change the world as the early church did by effectively preaching the Gospel and saving people out of it. May God give us grace.

A simple little paper that explains the chief titles of the Lord's people. Such basic information is useful and, in these days of ignorance, a corrective to wrong thinking.

This paper fully analyses the subject of visions and whether they are to be expected and sought today.

This paper explains why the Regulative principle is necessary to be applied.

So few people ever discuss this matter and most presume that the local practice is the norm. It almost certainly is not. This is a simple Biblical analysis, taking pragmatics into consideration. The apostolic method is the best method and goes against normal modern practice (as usual).

This paper helps us understand that the Sabbath was a time for physical rest and ceasing from work, but the rest for the believer in the New Testament is spiritual – a ceasing from works of self-righteousness and believing in Christ, who God provided by grace.

This paper explains why the locally gathered church will be relatively small in numbers if we seek to obey the Lord.

A booklet produced to encourage believers to truly worship the Lord the biblical way by coming together with other saints, each one coming as a worshipper.

This paper exposes what is true worship (proskuneo) and what is false worship (threskeia). It explains that we are worshippers constantly and do not gather in order to worship. There is no such thing as a 'worship service' and much modern church worship is threskeia.

The essence of holiness is separation and God expects us to be holy as he is holy, and thus separate form all evil and compromise. It is vital to know what makes us unclean and how important it is to be separate form evil. Hew modern Christians understand how.