An apologetic for the historic subset of Christianity in Britain from the very earliest times. The current war against Christianity by politicians and the elite is really an attack on Britain itself.

This is a very important paper. It was written for seekers, but it will benefit believers. It seeks to be a full theological / apologetic explanation of the Gospel that will answer the questions of enquirers.

A paper that looks at a subject rarely spoken about, how the earth and the cosmos fit together and what will happen at the end. It is an exciting subject that results in even greater worship to God for saving us. I trust it will be of use.

This paper shows that when one examines the cold hard facts it is clear that the basic suppositions of evolutionary theory hold no water. In the past the theory has been supported by falsities, lies, mistakes and even fraud.

This paper contains notes hastily put together, with the intention of answering the question whether dinosaurs lived contemporaneously with humans.

This is a paper containing a number of intractable questions for evolutionists.

This reply to a You Tuber is meant as a friendly correction of facts. However, it also forms a very convenient basic apologetic for young Christians regarding issues that regularly crop up.

A paper that seeks to provide a large number of reasons to believe in a young earth and a young cosmos. I have tried to keep these observations as simple as possible, but have given multiple references for further research. I trust this will help Christians becoming more confident in defending the faith.

A simple paper giving a few killer arguments to destroy evolutionary principles. Just knowing one or two of these arguments will help you to defend the faith.

This is a refutation of the facile arguments of proponents claiming that words equal spells.

This is a paper showing that the position of evolutionists is far from being based upon scientific certainty but is, rather, a faith based position that trusts in poor factual foundations. In fact, the Creationist position is far more in accordance with known scientific facts. I have tried to source most quotes and statements from secular sources.

The path of learning what pleases God and follow him every moment is not straight or smooth. Smooth poles need to be grown by human cultivation, but these cannot grow into mighty trees. This paper show that trying to do God’s will in the power of the flesh is futile.

A short and simple evangelistic tract which may be of use.

Many claim to have the answer to the question about the afterlife. Only the word of God makes the most sense and offers hope. This paper explains.

I had to work hard on this since it is complex, boring and tiring. However, hopefully the fruit of that work will mean that you have a resource that is useful to you. This is a paper demonstrating the differences in the key world religions and comparing them with Christianity. The purpose is to show that it is a lie to say that all religions lead to God - they cannot as they disagree in hundreds of ways. The paper also doubles as an introduction to these religions. In most cases you only need it as reference. However, the argument is worth reading and there are appendices which I think are useful. Having finished this, it just demonstrates to me that Christianity is on a completely different level to any other faith and that there is no Saviour like Christ; none can compare. Also, there is no other sacred scripture which compares in veracity with the Bible. May it be of use.

Here is a simple paper that demonstrates why Charles Darwin was a fake who did no original science but introduced terrible effects into society. He was neither a trained scientist nor an original thinker. His continued admiration by 'scientific' media celebrities merely shows the poverty of current thinking.

This paper is self-explanatory.