A paper showing that mere assent is not faith and that what is needed is a real meeting with God that results in divine grace to believe and repent. I fear that many church goers do not truly know God having only an intellectual acceptance of Christianity or an emotional response to church going. My hope is that such folk would read this and go on to seek God Biblically.

There are many preachers who claim to offer you success in five easy steps or some such nonsense. There is no easy and simple way to spiritual success because it is all about character, and that comes through experience (often suffering) based on knowledge. This paper seeks to lay out essential Biblical matters that form the basis of a powerful testimony learned by hard experience. May it be of use.

A paper explaining why seeking to change this world to be more Christian, through political action, is not only pointless but is against God's will. The believer is not of this world and must set his mind upon his heavenly kingdom. Neither should he use fleshly weapons to try to achieve worldly ends. Many Christians seem to be totally fooled in this matter. Our job is to preach the Gospel, build the church, give a good testimony to the Lord and to do good to all. The church would be much better off if we all did this.

Here is the very subjective and outspoken advice of an older believer to younger ones. It concerns that which I believe to be important, even if I cut across normal counseling, which is too often politically correct church platitudes. Though some of you may be older than me, I believe the advice is still sound.

This paper arose from giving advice to a friend shopping for books. It suggests some tests to identify those books which may help you.

We are justified by faith, but this is no excuse to sin. Whilst there is no condemnation in terms of final judgement to wrath for Christians, those who sin and do not deal with it are condemned in terms of receiving fatherly discipline from God.

A very important paper on current Charismatic Antinomianism. In discussing this the paper gives a thorough explanation of practical sanctification as well. The problem of Antinomian teaching is treated polemically by evaluating the serious errors of Terry Virgo, head of New Frontiers, on grace. This teaching, for which Terry Virgo is famous, is mistaken in theology and exegesis and results from both Higher Life perfectionist views and some mistakes made by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. The result is Antinomianism, plain and simple. TV's essential principle is that Christians are never guilty. This is just unbiblical and dangerous and results in licentiousness.

God expects us to glorify him with good works and these works are tested at the end, resulting in us receiving rewards of suffering loss. God is so great that beyond a free salvation he provides us the stimulation of heavenly rewards that we also do not deserve.

Believers are to serve God with their whole person. God commands this; men often fail. Those of us that want to serve God faithfully must learn how to do this in a balanced manner.

A paper that is self explanatory. However, some people just do not grasp this at all. This issue must be grasped and acted upon or we ruin our testimony.

This paper explains how we walk and whether we should always be positive.

Blessedness only exists in Christ. He is the blessed one and only those in him are truly blessed. The so-called 'blessings' of the wicked are just passing moments of pleasure, fleeting vapours that have no substance.

This paper is necessary in this confused world. It explains the origins of tattoos and body-piercings and explains why they are unbiblical practices.

Here are some very serious scriptures which seldom get attention. They challenge the modern superficiality of Christians who do little good, feel free to sin, and float from one emotional meeting to another.

Many members of modern churches have no idea what real Christianity is. Instead of following Christ, their lifestyles manifest the opposite of Christ's character. This paper explains the need to maintain a godly testimony and shows some areas where this is expressed in society. Christianity is an active religion, not a passive thing experienced in a glorified social club.

A paper explaining why we must confront evil around us, particulalrly in rulers. This is a spiritual requirement of God's law.

This paper explains he importance of dissent and individual thinking.

Any Christian who does not understand this is likely to be wasting his life.

This paper demonstrates that everything for the Christian, such as to systematically assemble dogma from scripture texts, collate it and analyse it, should lead to a focus on Christ.

This is a practical paper aimed to give useful advice on dealing with the administrative ramifications of a bereavement. Many people face this every year but few prepare for it. These facts will help you both prepare and deal with the effects.

This simple paper explains when reason is useful and when it is not.

Every action we pursue must have God in mind and we must take great care in the way we behave in the body. Therefore, it is essential that believers are faithful and true, especially as regards dealings with the brethren. There is no place for unfounded attack.

This is a paper highlighting a number of matters that we should give God thanks for and which are often ignored or forgotten. We ought to be the most advanced saints in history; sadly we are far from that.

The subtitle of this paper is 'Ten things to pray for in your growth in grace', and that sums up the purpose of the article. The most important matter before us today is to learn how to fully please God and maintain a good testimony. Sadly that is greatly misunderstood in many places and bad teaching leads many churches into apostasy where God is not pleased at all. I trust that this exposition of Paul's desire for disciples will lead you into truth that will release you into a better testimony.

This is a very practical, and yet theological, paper explaining how to be prepared for trials and what to do in them. I need add nothing else. Sadly, few that I meet understand how to do this.

There is much more to learning the truth than just knowing God and studying Scripture. It is also more than formally studying doctrine. There are a number of features involved in gaining the truth and these all have to do with personal character and a deeper relationship with God. Do this and you will know the truth.

This is something we have to do if we are going to minister to people effectively. Far too often, Christians just accept that a person is a Christian, on very weak grounds, and then continually offer them comfort, when what they need is to see that they need a Saviour.

In an age devoid of critical thinking, this paper gives guidelines on how to think with discernment.

An article explaining more about our testimony. Few today understand this.

As part of my responsibility to inform and warn, this paper exposes the serious issues with the influenza vaccine. It gives hard scientific evidence for questioning the vaccine, including analysis of what is in the different sorts. The conclusion is serious; the establishment does not want people helped by this but harmed.

What is the purpose of life? I explain.

How to grow in grace, fight sin and escape legalism. This is such an important and practical matter - yet how many believers really understand this? How many are stuck in dead legalistic works that have no value?

How involved should we be with missions and events?

A paper on a deep theological matter that is very practical. Loving God in Scripture is straightforward and down to earth. Yet many today elevate it to some mystical, metaphysical nonsense that is really just emotionalism. In a nutshell, lovers of God are those who obey his commandments. This paper shows you how.

This clarifies the limits of obedience to the state and when to disobey.

This paper is an encouragement for us to ensure that the hope of the Gospel, the Second Coming of the Lord and all it entails, should be taught effectively and used as a principal means of constant exhortation.

This is often ignored in systematics and it is rarely expounded in any depth. More unusual is that most evangelical scholars have opted to deny absolute pacifism and accept violence in certain circumstances. I show that this is a big mistake.

This paper is about what the godly man is supposed to do in the face of modern politics.

A paper that emerged from a talk I gave last week on something quite different. It focuses upon the ordinariness of the Christian life. Godliness is not something mystical but down to earth, yet done to the glory of God in reverence. True worship is doing ordinary things but in honour of God according to his Spirit.

While the church flounders on all sides there has rarely been a time when there has been so much talk about - and yearning for - revival. Is hoping for revival a good thing and should we continue in praying for it?

This paper takes the example of project control and applies it to the qualifications needed in church leadership. It is provocative.

A look at some verses in the early chapters of the book of Revelation that give us clear reasons to praise God.

A simple but important paper on how the Gospel is to be received and how it is to be applied. Needless to say, this is being ignored almost everywhere today.

There can never be a blessed satisfaction for the saint in a world full of sin, iniquity, pain and suffering, yet the believer can know deep contentment, whatever his circumstances, because he has peace with God.

Superficial study can lead to all sorts of errors and extreme behaviour is often the result of taking a verse out of context or without understanding the analogy of Scripture (the sum of Biblical teaching). This is a particular case in point. Perfectionists tell us that we must always be rejoicing at every moment, but this is clearly Biblically wrong as well as being impossible on this earth. They also tell us that anxiety is a sin; yet Paul affirmed that he was sometimes anxious for good reasons. Similarly, some state that we must never be angry or complain; yet God does both these things. What the Bible teaches is righteousness; we must do what is right and good; we do what is appropriate and godly That may include weeping (as Jesus wept) as well as rejoicing. This paper investigates this matter fully.

This paper explains that Christians are set apart by the truth in Christ. If we do not have the truth then we are not sanctified in Christ.

This is an important paper that analyses how we can be deceived and what we must do to avoid it. Sadly the churches are filled with people and leaders that never did this and have fallen into apostasy. I trust that it will help you lead an effective testimony.

This shows the Biblical importance of the family. It is a necessary background to the recent controversy about Alistair Begg.

This is a really practical paper addressing some key issues in our walk with God. It deals with the nature of crises and why we go through them. It gives practical advice and Scriptural teaching regarding various sorts of crises and what to do.

A challenging article to understand more about putting off the old nature as regards thought patterns that work against God's will.

If the Christian life is not legalistic, then how do we explain the many texts which seem to imply that it is? We need to look carefully at this subject and come to some conclusions.

A paper on the practical application of the doctrine of Christian suffering.

I have needed to write a paper on this subject for some time as it affects many friends. It needs little explanation; it shows how deception must always be confronted and never left to flourish. There are many practical pieces of advice here for specific situations.

This paper touches on the many supposed Christians that have no desire to even read, let alone study, God’s word, and how it should not surprise us that there is an absence of the fear of the Lord.

Knowledge is at the very centre of Christian development. Far from being spurned (as it commonly is), the knowledge of God is utterly crucial to spiritual growth. Grace and peace is multiplied in the knowledge of God and Jesus.

The greatest problem in the church today is that it often does not listen to Christ. It is bent on hearing many other voices but does not concentrate on hearing the Lord himself.

In this day and age it is all the more important to explain that happiness is not connected to money, external things, selfishness or pleasure but to spiritual duty.

I believe this to be one of the most important articles that I have written. It deals with the theology and practicality of sin, a subject much ignored and misunderstood.

What Christians are being taught in modern apostate churches, makes them complacent. Complacency is sin. This explains how Christians will be judged accordingly.

An important paper explaining how we work out our salvation with God willing inside us. The Spirit is responsible for our sanctification but he does not do the work for us. Surprisingly, the mystical errors of perfectionism still abound in the church today. Such mysticism is false. Faith WORKS through love.

This is a really simple table explaining how truth is imparted. Though simple, this is very important today, and much misunderstood.

This paper contains a compiled list of my choices for vital books that a serious Bible student needs to hand.

This paper shows why wisdom and discernment are absolutely vital in this world of deception. Everything must be tested, not just the elite mainstream; nothing can be trusted. I explain why and give practical advice. I also examine the situation at Charlottesville and use it as an example. The mainstream media picture of this was utterly false.

An important and sobering paper that will challenge some. Nevertheless, such a paper is needed to expose the superficiality of much that goes on in the name of the Lord these days. May God have mercy on his people.

This is a paper examining why good people fall.