We are living in a world infused with occultism, both overtly and by stealth. Our leaders are pursuing occult objectives set by Luciferians in control. This is the wound of the beast that was healed. This paper explains how occultism started and spread but was then dealt a death blow only to be reborn when Satan was loosed in the mid-1800s.

This paper has involved hundreds of hours of work and strives to be a thorough introduction to church history. The first edition was sent out to those on my e-mail address list in 2013. This edition has dozens of new pages and some updates. I believe this to be a thorough resource, in a concise fashion, of all you need to know. There is even a section on philosophy. Some sections form thorough summaries of major events in their own right, such as the Westminster Assembly or the development of the English Bible. I trust it will be of use.

This is my best attempt at a simple introduction to explaining all you need to know about the manuscripts that form our Bible versions. It is highly important but much misunderstood. Books on this matter are often too technical, boring and hard to follow because there are many very technical issues involved. Other sources are often far too simplistic, inflammatory and erroneous. I have tried to avoid all these pitfalls and explain what you need to know. I also show that the LXX is probably late, i.e. post 2nd century and that the Sinaiticus was written in the 19th century. This is explosive. In summary, I prove that the Byzantine 'family' of manuscripts is the genuine NT text.

This paper has been rushed out since I think it may be important and useful. It gives the bare bones of church history, useful for further study. I may review this paper at a later time and embellish it.

This paper on Anti-Semitism addresses vital issues that no one is talking about in the current hysteria whipped up by the elite thought police for political ends. It is important to analyse this objectively.

Concise Church Biographies

Concise Church Biographies

Concise Church Biographies

This is a concise reference book analysing all the main cults and sects that call themselves 'Christian'. There is value in understanding where these went wrong as a warning to us to be cautious.

Time and again I find that modern Christians have very little working knowledge of church history. This is a significant failing. Knowledge of this subject is invaluable and a helpful preparation to spot and deal with heresies. This is a paper that gives some useful books to help you start on a quest to learn more. There are recommendations at the end for a cheap way to start.

Concise Church Biographies

This is a succinct, but still lengthy I'm afraid, summary of world religions to help seeking people. The central portion is a tabular comparison of the major religions contrasted with Christianity. I have tried to make this as useful as possible without filling hundreds of pages.

This is a paper identifying some of the problems with the current house church movement with a special focus on demonstrating the multiple heresies of Frank Viola, probably the current chief representative of this movement in America. People who are interested in joining or forming house churches need to understand that there are many variants out there and most are problematic. The urgent need today is for small churches based upon the truth, and these are indeed hard to find. Knowing the errors of self-promoting men like Viola will help us to beware.

A paper seeking to make simple a very difficult subject; viz. the heresies regarding Christ in the first 5 centuries. I have tried to explain this complex issue as simply as possible by using only bullet points and diagrams. The diagrams found in the Appendices will prove most helpful. Indeed, the first alone makes the whole thing easy to understand as an overview. I believe that this doctrine is very important and I show how many modern sects and cults are demonstrating these errors to this very day. There are Charismatics and Pentecostals in the UK right now who are modalists, for instance. Understanding these errors helps us to avoid them and rescue others already ensnared.

Concise Church Biographies

God has favoured England with rich blessing and protection in his grace for 2000 years, a situation the nation is now throwing away every day. It is important for believers to understand their heritage and their responsibility.

Concise Church Biographies

Sound historical examples of proper practices for the church showing that the admonitions by people like myself are not unreasonable quirks, but are supported by the great and the good in history.

Many evangelicals know little or nothing about Lutheranism, even though it stands at the beginning of Protestantism. This paper explains the history and the theology. The Lutheranism of today is not like the Lutheranism of Martin Luther.

Here I analyse what is really going on with modern policies to increase multiculturalism in western societies. I explain God's purpose with nations and the importance of divinely established boundaries. Multiculturalism is just another facet of the global elite's attack on Christianity and the attempt to mongrelise nations to make them more amenable to despotism.

This paper demonstrates that, on the one hand, we must love individual Jews just as any other people. On the other hand, we must be aware of the evil prescribed in Talmudic and Kabbalistic Judaism, and condemn it.

This paper will assist the believer in getting an important grasp of the basic dates of the early church history.

This paper clearly shows that it was not the Bible teacher and church leader John Darby that initiated the predominant ideas of Dispensationalism, rather, it was an occult influenced, young Christian girl who provided the first spark as a result of a vision. This was fanned into a flame by an aberrant charismatic ‘Christian’ cult, originally led by Edward Irving.

This is a technical paper explaining the derivation and origins of everyday words, many of which have surprising pagan origins.

Concise Church Biographies

Concise Church Biographies

Relationships of the Key Reformed Confessions

This paper helps the Christian to learn from past mistakes and errors that the earlier house church movement made.

This is an educational paper based upon a series of box diagrams regarding doctrine through church history. This demonstrates the problems that began early and then degenerated in modern times into full-blown collapse. This is not an exhaustive evaluation of all doctrines, but rather a simple overview. Even so, it comprises a dozen pages in landscape format. Notice the importance of the degeneration of the doctrine of Scripture. I believe this will give a good synopsis of the history of doctrines and encourage interested readers to look up subjects that interest them for further information.

This is an expansion of an appendix to my paper on Islam regarding the Crusades. Since it is such an inflammatory issue today, we need to give more attention to the facts. I have tried to give a complete assessment of the causes, exploits, problems and benefits of the Crusades in as simple a manner as possible to enable you to silence critics and stifle some of the extremely foolish rhetoric.

There is a popular idea that there was a gradual restoration of lost truths from the Reformation onwards, culminating in the fulness of truth and power, as in the days of the apostles, now found in the Charismatic church. This is a lie.

This is an explanation of how geo-politics has reversed in recent years. I also show why this happened and who the key players in the corruption of world politics are. One key issue is the attack on Christianity that underlies this.

This paper seeks to explain analytically and concisely the key reversals of truth that have plagued the church in the last 150 years or so. While much more could be written, if I had time and strength, this is sufficient for most people. It shows the terrible cancer of demonic lies taken wholesale into the churches today. I include proponents, sources, teachings, practices, errors and Biblical texts. There is also a couple of separate papers at the end, one of which destroys the Charismatic proposal of a gradual restoration of Charismatic truth to the church. While it is a long read with a great deal of detailed information, it is sectioned to be able to be used as a reference work.

Charismaticism clearly originates from Pentecostal sources, but where did the Pentecostal experiences come from? This paper explains.

This is a very important and explosive book. It explains how the Pharisees, whom Jesus denounced as satanic liars and murderers, evolved into modern day rabbinic Judaism, via the Talmud and Kabbala. Modern Orthodox Judaism is nothing but Satan worship and a licence to commit wickedness. Thus any association with Judaism, or the State of Israel which is founded on the Talmud, is pure blasphemy. Messianic Christianity is a deception that supports Satanism. This book also shows how Marxism and Zionism are the Talmud in political practice. This explains many historical mysteries: why Patton was halted, why the Bolsheviks were aided by America, why the US enabled the Communist take over of China and why the US lost the Korean War, and much more. Christians must understand the truth about Judaism.

This short paper gives interesting information revealing how God prepared the world for the effective transmission of the Gospel. It proves the undeniable wisdom and predestination of God. Some believers understand one or two of these things but very few are aware of all of them.

This is a short paper intended to give a succinct summary of the serious problems surrounding Wesley.

This is a necessary critique that I believe God has constrained me to write after 30 plus years of patient waiting. There are many important lessons and much background historical and doctrinal information.

This paper explains how the church in the world has become corrupted going back to the second century. Today the pollution is complete.

This is a small book outlining the history of the Satanic war against Christianity after the Reformation. It covers short articles on philosophy, heresy, social and political movements. This is a very useful handbook on these issues. There are also a number of diagrams and tables.

For English Readers

Background information

John Wesley is flavour of the month with everyone. It is astounding that not only evangelicals but Reformed men, who claim to be thoroughly Calvinistic, are lauding him in books, messages and conferences. Read this paper where I demonstrate, from his own words, that John Wesley could not possibly be a true Christian. Reading Wesley, to say nothing of being fascinated with him, is dangerous. This is the appalling level that Christians today have sunk into, being thoroughly deceived.

The paper (really a book) seeks to confront the terrible lies that are being banded about regarding the Reformers and the fruit of the Reformation; in particular the specific lies stated by Jacob Prasch that are being parroted by so many today.

Concise Church Biographies

This paper shows the origin, constituents and character of witchcraft, showing why it is wrong.

Concise Church Biographies

Concise Church Biographies