It is sometimes hard, even for assiduous Bible students, to accede that tongues have ceased if they have come from a Charismatic background. This catechism seeks to reduce earlier papers to a more concise form to help those seeking information.

Catechisms have always been an important aspect of training disciples until the modern age. This lack today is the reason why so many Christians are weak, uninformed and lack faith and conviction. While there is much benefit in the old catechisms, there is always a need in every age for a revision to meet the requirements of that age. For this reason I felt the Lord's constraint to write a new catechism to help modern people.

This is a diagram that contains the different interpretations of Rev 20:1-8, which mentions a 1,000-year (millennium) reign of saints with Christ before the end of all things.

Since there is still much confusion in the church about God's law, this is a very simple paper to explain it concisely. I have written on this many times but this is the simplest presentation I can manage.

A paper on the matter of both Reformed and Charismatic Dominionism. This is a growing problem, which in the US is now dominating the presidential candidates. It is something to be very wary of. The extreme Charismatic form is nothing but blasphemy and rebellion under the cover of supposedly seeking God's glory. In reality it is giving glory to men. These issues are serious - be warned.

A paper that does what it says. It gives a simple explanation of Biblical eschatology and a summary of the various views. I trust it will be helpful.

Do Christians follow the Law of Moses or the Law of Christ?

Salvation comes through grace to those who do not deserve it. God also gives rewards to those who do not deserve it. It is the overwhelming teaching of scripture. This is an explanation on the matter from a different angle as concise as possible compared to a detailed paper called "Rewards in Biblical Theology" on the same subject.

A paper on a fundamental and vital subject, and yet one which is almost universally misunderstood. Worse still, even systematic theologies are incomplete or mistaken in their treatment of it. Unless we understand this doctrine properly we will fail to grow in grace; that is how important a matter it is. In my view, unless we understand the correlation between the tenses of sanctification and the nature of man we will fail to grasp this doctrine. This paper explains that connection.

This is a very concise paper explaining God's law. This is much misunderstood by people on both sides of the fence, antinomians and legalists. I trust this helps you to understand the truth.

This is a paper encouraging the Christian to consider biblical texts that give us a very simple and clear understanding of the end, and instructions how we should behave. There is no need to make it more complicated. All other obscure passages on the end must comply with clear teaching.

The only sane way to interpret scripture is to start with a clear understanding of the Biblical doctrine of salvation, and then interpret the difficult verses in their context and in the light of sound theology.

Some believe that anger is always sinful, that it is never right to be angry. These tend to be the same people who do not believe that God is ever angry. However, there is a righteous anger which Christians should hold.

This is a detailed examination of data regarding when the tribulation begins. It is my contention that it is well underway but the most extreme aspects have not yet begun. This is important in understanding how certain Bible passages affect us. It is possible to completely misconstrue texts due to misunderstanding where we are in history.

Basics in terms of Doctrine of God's attributes

Despite many books on this subject this work is very different, looking at many aspects of the issue and at the repercussions of the Biblical doctrine (not the Charismatic perversion of it).

This paper is a complete, basic discipling course. I have tried to succinctly cover all the things I would like to have understood when I was a young convert. I am appalled at how little Christians understand even after many years. This covers the Gospel, Bible study, devotions, essential doctrine, practical issues, heresies, sects and a summary of church history. Thus it is useful for mature believers as an aide memoire, as well as a manual to work through with young converts.

This simple paper explains the important truth that it is knowledge of God and his decree that is crucial for bearing fruit; not some mystical experience or work of the flesh. There is also a useful summary of good doctrinal books to help students.

This paper seeks to show the balance between a Biblical submission to the sovereignty of God and the need for activity in doing God’s will and resistance to satanic temptation.

This is a disputed subject which many conservatives get completely wrong. We need spiritual gifts, but not the Charismatic variety.

This paper exposes the error of churches that use Heb 6 as a basis for discipling courses, common in Charismatic churches. The list here does not refer to New Covenant foundational principles but to the Old Covenant. The Greek text proves this, which I analyse. Yet another Charismatic mistake.

To achieve the work of redemption the Son became a man in time and, therefore, had two natures in one person. There is no confusion or admixture in these.

The Son subsisted in human nature as truly as he did in the divine nature. Christ thought, willed and purposed as God and as man. This is a second paper seeking to oppose the heresy that Christ did not have a genuine human nature.

A final paper break down in combating the errors which denies that Christ has two natures and which claims that the flesh of Christ was not a normal human nature.

This is excerpted from the paper ‘A simple critique of Dominionism’.

A very simple summary of the main positions of the doctrine of the last things.

This is a condensation of a larger paper ‘What about Tongue Speaking’ to aid those with less time to study detailed arguments.

A paper on the doctrines such as individual eschatology, death, the intermediate state, punishment of sin, the resurrection of the dead, the final judgment and the final state. Theologians differ markedly in some of these subjects but the important object is to determine what is the most Biblical explanation of these matters which affect us all crucially.

There is no indication in scripture of a double will in God.

This is patently unbiblical. God will not act outside his character. This concept is obviously preposterous and untrue.

Is the Lord's Supper a full meal to constantly remind God to bring about the Messianic wedding banquet?

The controlling power in a man's salvation is not man himself but God alone.

This long paper is really a small book. It is a dictionary of errors found in Reformed thinking today. This is a series of evaluations of the current heresies found amongst people claiming to be Calvinists. These are quite short summaries with simple bullet points. It will help readers understand the various 'isms' that they will come across every day. If you do not know about these errors, you may well fall for them. Knowing what the error is forms a vital defence against tripping up. Countless thousands have already fallen for these errors and many lives have been ruined by them. Despite this, I know of no other work that seeks to evaluate them in a small compass which enables easy cross-referencing. I believe this work to be very useful indeed. I wish I had known something like this decades ago.

The theological errors that came out of Saumur have given rise to many misconceptions currently in modern evangelicalism.

If ever there was a person whose life screamed of God's absolute, sovereign choice it is Esau. This is why the apostles focussed critical arguments on him.

A diagram containing biblical texts about the end.

A table summarising the different expressions of the Gospel being preached. Only one is biblical.

A simple, one-page paper expressing Biblical teaching on this matter.

A paper that goes against the grain of popular thinking (what a shock). It regards the proportion of the elect to the reprobate. This has many ramifications.

This is one of the key passages used by Arminians to teach the old lie that God merely chooses in eternity the men who will believe the Gospel at some point in time; i.e. that there is no sovereign predestination to faith.

A paper on the law. This is a massively confused subject which nearly everybody gets wrong, some on one side, some on the opposite side. Here is a short paper (shorter than my 102 page book on the subject) which seeks to get to the heart of the matter and to centre everyone's attention on Christ and not something else.

This is a paper that does not simply expound the doctrine of God's attribute of love but explains why a concentration upon this attribute above all others is a big mistake. It fails to appreciate what God's word says his chief attribute actually is. Worse, a focus upon love has led to multiple errors of doctrine and practice and has caused Arminianism to overtake Calvinism in the last 100 years.

This paper is a necessary affirmation of God's complete sovereignty, including over all sickness. God is Lord.

This is a paper that explains the vital foundation of election in the attributes of God and the expression of salvation. God does not love everyone and does not have mercy on everyone. His grace only extends to his people, the elect. This, however, must be distinguished from God's providence which is to the whole earth of necessity in preserving the elect.

This proves that divine punishment is eternal.

This is a historical paper showing the developments of Pelagianism and Semi-Pelagianism. Not many people understand this but it is vital in order to know the roots of what is happening today. You will be hard pressed to find such an amount of information in a concise format. Hopefully it will help you understand difficult subjects that get reviewed very rarely. Over and over again we see that Semi-Pelagianism (e.g. Arminianism) leads into further errors, such as denial of the Trinity, denial of the atonement and denial of Scripture. This is why many previously Arminian modern groups are now becoming more liberal. We must understand history or we repeat its mistakes.

This is a very important theological paper. It deals with the basics of salvation and how the work of Christ deals with those issues.

This is the 5th in the Law series found under the Questions section of this website as well. The good news of salvation is worked out first as promise in the Old Covenant, then as fulfilment in the New. The cross is a clear dividing line between these. Reformed theology concludes that all covenants are merely the outworking of the single Covenant of Grace. We disagree.

This is the 4th in the Law series found under the Questions section of this website as well. Law is holy, but does not save. Salvation is in Christ, therefore man cannot be justified by keeping the law outside of Christ.

This paper helps the believer see that Calvinism exalts God and Arminianism exalts man. Calvinism honours the Bible, Arminianism fails to do justice to the tenor of scripture and many clear texts.

An important doctrine for which early Christians gave their lives to the service of the gospel.

The historical argument between Arminians and Calvinists chiefly rests upon certain Bible verses that appear to state contradictory things about God.

An antidote to the Charismatic notion that heaven is one big party - the idea that encourages wild behaviour in worship meetings. Such wild behaviour is at best an expression of the flesh and at worst an expression of demonic inspired mysticism.

This paper explains a clear difference the apostles see in role and function, arising from the differences in the creation order between men and women.

This short paper explains why eschatological justification is an error. It also works as a short and simple description of the doctrine of justification.

This paper demonstrates how the Bible could not be more unequivocal on the subject; both the Old and New Testaments are united in condemning homosexual practices.

This paper puts paid to the claim that Junia is a female name.

This paper shows that the believer is to follow Christ and not Moses, to walk in the Spirit and not try to objectively obey Mosaic Law codes.

An amended letter sent to a well known leader who claims to be Calvinistic. I sought to help him see the truth that he is actually an Amyraldian, following the modern American New Calvinism, which is a corrupt form and not really Calvinistic at all. This is, therefore, a useful summary of the argument in concise terms. It also has an appendix comprising a large number of quotes from Calvin himself and a number of historic Calvinist theologians. This makes it additionally useful.

This is a subject that is rarely discussed but one that forms the background to our hope. We should consider this. This is thus an exposition of what life is like in the new world. I trust it will be an encouragement.

The life of the believer is completely unlike the life of men, and failing to live in this life - by putting on the new man - has enormous consequences for the Christian.

A paper explaining the theology behind a popular modern form of antinomianism. It is very important to understand this.

This is an important paper that shows the devastating effects of New Calvinism, which is just one of the many recent strategies of the enemy to bring doctrinal corruption and worldliness into the church. Many are being fooled by this disparate movement and Reformed leaders are not adequately confronting this.

This paper outlines some of the key metaphors in sanctification to show the variety God uses for our instruction.

This is a paper explaining what the glory of God is, what it is not, and how we share in it. Something much misunderstood today.

The three charts here reveal God's sovereignty in predestination and election in a simple way.

This is a paper analysing and refuting the doctrine of Preparationism. Sadly this was common amongst the Puritans and subsequently has been popularised amongst modern Baptists. This doctrine is not Biblical, not Reformed and is very damaging.

This doctrine continues to be denied by many, ignored in social culture and eroded from the justice system. However, it is a divine principle and one which is vital to the doctrine of God and the blessing of salvation. We ignore this subject at our peril.

The typological illustrations of my thesis about the three tenses of sanctification, as revealed in the Tabernacle symbolism. While we must not major on the types, nor stretch them too far, they are useful as a picture to open up our understanding.

Scripture tells us that our works will be judged and appraised. Our wasted efforts will be destroyed, good works done in the power of the Spirit will be rewarded. This paper intends to examine this subject and provide an encouragement for saints to glorify God in the body.

There are clear texts which state that God gives rewards for faithful obedience, for our work. This has nothing to do with any personal merit contributing towards salvation; such an idea is preposterous. It is the theological implications of the new man that undergirds the Biblical teaching on rewards, and it is this which I want to expound here.

A simple paper that is actually quite important. It deals with an issue that is misunderstood by many, both heretics and even some in the church. Understanding this issue will lead to a successful Christian walk and a lack of understanding it explains why so many fall.

This book is perhaps one of my most important works. It seeks to be a vital resource for believers. It is a systematic theology but centred on Bible verses and not comment. Of necessity there are some comments for explanatory purposes, but these are limited; the vast proportion is Bible texts.

A straightforward paper explaining what Calvinism is. This is not restricted to the doctrine of salvation but shows how God is sovereign over everything. This concise paper has little exposition, above a simple explanation of each doctrine, but there are many proof texts to affirm the point. I believe this to be a very useful little article.

A collection of simple questions (usually sent to me) with straightforward answers and proof texts.

This is an expansion of a footnote in my paper on Lutheranism. In two pages it gives a concise breakdown of synergistic systems.

Relationships of the Key Reformed Confessions

This paper seeks to provide a balanced presentation to both types of Christians who on the one side ignore scriptures about the Antichrist and on the other side who become too preoccupied with it.

A summarised look at what the Bible says these attributes are.

This paper explains the fundamental issue in the Gospel; salvation is all of God and man contributes nothing.

This has been a controversial matter for centuries, and yet it ought to be simple.

This paper delineates the characteristics of the end and compares them to current events.

This paper looks at whether the Bible view us as sinners or redeemed before regeneration.

This paper explains the Biblical focus on God as Trinity. It shows how many denomination fail to honour this focus. It also explains historic heresies about God and how modern sects repeat these heresies.

This is a book on the Doctrines of Grace. I have tried to write the best possible summary that I can and yet cover all the aspects in necessary depth. There are numerous diagrams, tables, quotes, appendices and several excursus papers. For example, there is a detailed history of the attacks on the doctrines of grace as well as an explanation of the champions of sovereign grace. I also cover many important subjects that are usually ignored. I have been tempted to continue developing this as ideas come to mind, but have decided to stop here before it becomes a tome. This is a reasonable and accessible book which seeks to give the student all he needs to know on the matter. May God be glorified.

The sovereignty of God in salvation and life is clearly manifested in Jesus' High Priestly prayer. The Doctrines of Grace are openly demonstrated and run throughout all Christ's petitions to the Father.

This is a simple paper that really consists of Scriptures and little argument. It covers a very important topic, but one that is practically denied by many supposed Christians today, leading to them believe a range of heresies. This doctrine must be strongly defended.

Perhaps the worst lie that is being foisted on the Lord's people is that of works righteousness. Yet when dressed up in the right garb and presented by trustworthy preachers, even this lie will find toleration amongst many.

People sometimes write to me regarding an article that seems to be proof that Arminius has been misrepresented by horrible Calvinists and that he was really an irenic moderate. Well, we could write about his life, showing his devious personality. We could write about his history, showing his close links with the Jesuits. We could write about his effects and the terrible behaviour of the Remonstrants (his followers) at the Synod of Dort. Instead, this paper is just about the chief principle of Arminians (man's free will) and what Scripture says about it. This paper simply demonstrates that Arminianism is shockingly unscriptural and that all Arminians are very deceived people to fail to see this. Our issue with Arminians is what God says, not what any Calvinist says.

Believing in the eternal Sonship of Christ is a fundamental part of believing in the Son as our saviour. If we fail to honour this truth, we stand condemned.

An important paper regarding the build up to the antichristian world empire that is going on right now. We need to be aware and warned so that our service to God is effective.

This is a very important paper which demonstrates the rank heresy of Arminians from their own words. It has to be seen to be believed. Most of these quotes are from the original Remonstrants who followed Arminius, but some more modern quotes are also given. I have arranged these under several heads, supplying Bible verses to show how contrary to Scripture they are. The overall picture is that the god of Arminians is not the God of the Bible but a human construct. Arminianism is idolatry.

This paper fully explains the Gospel using only Bible verses with no comment.

This paper seeks to explain analytically and concisely the key reversals of truth that have plagued the church in the last 150 years or so. While much more could be written, if I had time and strength, this is sufficient for most people. It shows the terrible cancer of demonic lies taken wholesale into the churches today. I include proponents, sources, teachings, practices, errors and Biblical texts. There is also a couple of separate papers at the end, one of which destroys the Charismatic proposal of a gradual restoration of Charismatic truth to the church. While it is a long read with a great deal of detailed information, it is sectioned to be able to be used as a reference work.

It is important to hold a clear view of this subject since the idea that all men are still made in God’s image leads to a degeneration of the doctrine of Total depravity. This then leads to further degeneration, such as teaching that sinners can please God in the flesh, or can choose to believe without a prior work of grace in their heart.

This is a simple paper outlining the basics of eschatology and why the study of it is vital.

This short paper compares the differences between the Mosaic Law, as the rule or guide of life, with the office and work of the Holy Spirit in sanctifying believers.

This paper urges the believer not to ignore any of the things which the Bible actually tells us about justification, but to examine, explain and collate them into a cohesive, sane unit of theology. If this is done, it will be impossible to assail the truth that justification is by faith alone.

This is a study that should bring us all to our knees. Simply by looking at the names and titles of God in scripture we can generate a picture of his character and divine attributes. He is unlike the false gods of heathen nations.

A very important paper explaining the tripartite nature of man (trichotomy). This is a much debated issue in Reformed circles and one which is both misunderstood and ignored by many systematics completely. Sadly, it is spoken about in perfectionist and Charismatic writings where it is much debased and confused. Ironically, the details of the subject expounded here are absolutely vital in order to understand the practical aspects of sanctification. This is one reason why holiness is rarely seen these days. Very few understand what the heart is, where it is, what the old man is, what the new man is, what the difference between soul and spirit is etc. If teachers do not understand this, how can church members? I trust that this will be a help for you all. It is the result of several decades of study and meditation and I doubt you will see such an evaluation anywhere else.

This paper is to help the Christian have some small grasp of what the eternal plan and purpose of God is; to understand the outworking of God's decree and see how harmoniously the various Biblical doctrines fit into this plan.

The biblical truths of Calvinism can be explained with a few simple statements and a clear exposition of Eph 2.

Due to the near total confusion of many in the church on this topic, I have sought here to simply list the clear scriptures that refer to the end times in their logical and Biblical order.

This simple paper is an antidote to so much wrong teaching about hell.

I believe this to be one of the most important articles that I have written. It deals with the theology and practicality of sin, a subject much ignored and misunderstood.

An explanation of who the law is meant for, and why it is not for Christians.

This paper is not only a reminder of many elements involved when the believer sins, but also points out the main issue and what is more important to devil.

This is a necessary critique that I believe God has constrained me to write after 30 plus years of patient waiting. There are many important lessons and much background historical and doctrinal information.

Believers urgently need to understand the eternal plan of God or they will fail to really understand theology and their part in God's purpose. Having done that believers also need to understand what the plan of Satan is or they will fail to understand his devices against them and will end up serving him rather than God. Many Christians today actually serve the devil rather than God without even knowing it. This paper explains this and gives some examples. may it make you wise unto salvation.

In order to be informed and not deceived, we have to study each of the passages such as Matthews 24 and others in harmony with one another, and also extricate what applies to the future and that which already has transpired. This is the purpose of this paper.

In this paper we evaluate the matter of God’s sovereignty in all areas of life and government, in areas which affect both the life of the believer and the secular world. Getting this right is fundamental to living a godly Christian life.

This paper gives an exposition of the state of believers at the end. It dispels some errors and shows the greatness of the consummation of our hope.

This is an important feature of Biblical interpretation that is often ignored. The events in Acts include unusual and temporary circumstances. These cannot be used to establish doctrines or unbiblical practices.

A schematic presentation of what continues and what is abrogated in terms of the law.

This is a very important doctrinal study that explains the nature of the incarnation. Misunderstanding or denying this doctrine is a serious matter.

This is an essay on the qualities of a Christian marriage that make it biblical.

A paper on the current raging issue of Gay marriage. There is nothing new in this but what ought to be well known to everyone appears to be ignored in most of the media debates on the subject. I trust that this paper will clarify some important points. This is part of the death knell for our society and an important sign of the times. The key issue is what it does to the established churches.

This paper addresses the fact that in history the Free Offer has been associated with Arminianism and other heresies, but today the majority of Reformed teachers hold this position which is based upon a common grace to all. These are unbiblical concepts and imply contradiction in God as well as denial of his word.

A simplified tool

We are not only living in a post-Biblical world but in a post-Biblical church. Many of the modern UK churches have no clue about even basic doctrines. Worse yet, many church leaders either distort the Biblical message or just use texts as a tagline for various humanistic or mystical thoughts. This paper focuses on vital truths that are being left aside today. God’s word alone must be our authority, no matter how uncomfortable it truths make us feel.

This paper fully analyses the subject of visions and whether they are to be expected and sought today.

This paper contains ten warnings formulated from the apostolic writings on the end. There are no doubt more, but what is crucial to understand is that the end is a time of deep deception that floods the church and many fall away as a result.

This is a short paper (phew!) picking up on a point in the last one that will not interest everybody but will certainly be important to a few, especially leaders. It explains the difference between historic continental Arminianism and Wesley's Methodist theology. It also shows the key point of difference between Wesley and Calvin.

This paper is an excerpt from a larger work, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is necessary to understand the foundational principle of spiritual gifts in the church and give special consideration to some questions about the gift of tongues.

Many claim to have the answer to the question about the afterlife. Only the word of God makes the most sense and offers hope. This paper explains.

A very important paper on a much confused subject. Indeed, whole false theologies have been built upon a wrong understanding of it. It, therefore, behoves us to look at this subject carefully and Scripturally.

This is a paper explaining both the importance of theology but also of our being lights in the world. This means that we are necessarily involved in true politics. This is not worldly partisan politics but being a bellwether for our neighbours and doing good to all, as we are able. Modern Christians seem to want little of either.