This paper, really a book, has taken a considerable amount of time and effort. It seeks to give, in simple and bullet point terms, a history of Israel up to the Bar Khoba revolt. I believe this to be a very useful tool for Bible students. Many do not know the difference between Hosea and Hoshea, Jehu and Joab, Joab and Joash or Amasa and Amasai. As well as being a potted history, with multiple tables and definitions, it also serves as an abbreviated Bible encyclopaedia. I wish I had been given something like this when I was a young Christian. May it be of use.

This is a paper that simply sets out the acute differences between apostolic tongues and the false tongues of the modern Charismatic Movement. It does this by using a clear tabular analysis. I trust this will be of use.

This paper takes a look at a formula established by the early church at the Council of Chalcedon in 451, which explains the relationship of the two natures of Christ.

This is my best attempt at a simple introduction to explaining all you need to know about the manuscripts that form our Bible versions. It is highly important but much misunderstood. Books on this matter are often too technical, boring and hard to follow because there are many very technical issues involved. Other sources are often far too simplistic, inflammatory and erroneous. I have tried to avoid all these pitfalls and explain what you need to know. I also show that the LXX is probably late, i.e. post 2nd century and that the Sinaiticus was written in the 19th century. This is explosive. In summary, I prove that the Byzantine 'family' of manuscripts is the genuine NT text.

A paper on textual matters that was compiled through a process of sourcing data from material made available by others.

This paper deals with an important but neglected subject. Indeed, it is something that is rarely mentioned at all. Since all true Christians will be affected by this, it requires some exposition.

A paper on an important biblical illustration given to us according to which we ought to draw near to God.

This paper examines whether God created humanoid life-forms on other planets. This question arises so frequently with all the science fiction pot-boilers on the television these days. It comes as no surprise.

Some women are shy and timid, while others even become repressed within their own home. This paper is an encouragement to Christian women not to let this happen to you; you have a significant calling.

This paper explains answers to an unbelieving friend's tough questions rarely asked by believers. How are the elect, in huge numbers, saved and why did Christ not require eternal condemnation to gain remission of sins, plus other questions.

This paper shows how fasting is just another method of turning people’s attention away from Christ, focusing upon their own efforts and denying the truth. It also touches on aspects such as the heretical origins of modern fasting and a practical consideration.

A short paper showing that the bible is true and that it is the word of God.

What constitutes wrong fellowship? There is very little practical teaching on this and yet the repercussions are very serious.

This is an exposition based on Paul's words in 1 Thessalonians that show the essential characteristics of being a genuine Christian. Sadly, these are so often absent today.

This paper is a complete, basic discipling course. I have tried to succinctly cover all the things I would like to have understood when I was a young convert. I am appalled at how little Christians understand even after many years. This covers the Gospel, Bible study, devotions, essential doctrine, practical issues, heresies, sects and a summary of church history. Thus it is useful for mature believers as an aide memoire, as well as a manual to work through with young converts.

This simple paper explains the important truth that it is knowledge of God and his decree that is crucial for bearing fruit; not some mystical experience or work of the flesh. There is also a useful summary of good doctrinal books to help students.

I have rushed to have this paper out on charlatan Wyatt's fantastic claims in order to help confused folk out there. I recently heard of a godly pastor who allowed speakers into his church to present all this garbage and give away free books filled with lies to his whole congregation. We must be more careful to avoid deceit; these are perilous times.

This is a practical paper which is designed as instruction with exercises to train people to study the Bible. It is intended to be used in conjunction with personal tuition, with the goal of helping people learn how to understand and teach scripture.

This is a simple analysis of Biblical doxologies. These need no significant comment as they are worthy of perusal as they stand.

This short study on worship in the church focuses upon the clear apostolic teaching in the NT letters. To understand worship, we must first get to grips with the apostolic content, and then apply these principles to the relevant OT scriptures.

This paper explains the Bible's teaching on prophecy. I also examine the Charismatic errors involved in their excuse for prophecy. There are two general issues with prophecy today: 1) the claim that formal, authoritative, OT-type prophecy still exists (it does not); 2) denying that there is any kind of genuine prophecy in the church in history.

This paper is necessary in this confused world. It explains the origins of tattoos and body-piercings and explains why they are unbiblical practices.

A graphical outline

A paper that gives the correct exposition of a much debated passage of Scripture which even many good expositors have got completely wrong. It explains what the 'branches' for burning really means. This is not a terribly obscure passage, it is a very important one for the modern church.

This is a simple study on a vital issue. In the light of many Christians talking about taking up arms, I show that the teaching of the Bible is unequivocally that Christians cannot kill. I explain what buying a sword in Luke 22:36 means. It is not to attack people, even in self defence.

This paper analyses an important question. Many give the wrong answer, which dishonours God.

This paper looks at all the scripture passages which are usually marshalled to make the case that demons can mate with human women.

An analysis, for the Bible student, of the different types of commentary, with some recommendations.

This paper exposes the error of churches that use Heb 6 as a basis for discipling courses, common in Charismatic churches. The list here does not refer to New Covenant foundational principles but to the Old Covenant. The Greek text proves this, which I analyse. Yet another Charismatic mistake.

Why I believe the NKJV to be the best choice today.

A tabular comparison of the old and new covenants showing that all the features of the old (including all that Israel in the flesh stands for and all its worship system) are now obsolete and finished. The reality is now in Christ.

This paper is an appendix to another that I am working on. However, it forms a very useful summary Biblical analysis of grace gifts. In a few pages you have all the information you need.

This paper explains some important themes in Revelation that are very pertinent to our time. It is an important expansion of a previous paper.

This paper consists of salient features of the Daniel's visions, with simple explanation of world history culminating in the manifestation of the kingdom of Christ, ruling over all with His saints.

This paper is a devotional piece showing the immense privilege of possessing the Word of God. It shows how it reveals God's mind, through Christ, and how important it is to study it carefully.

In this paper we look at the rise in popularity of so-called deliverance and counselling ministry. These extreme practices undertaken more and more today, have no biblical or apostolic grounds.

Here is a Biblical analysis of demonology. It corrects a number of false modern ideas about demons and shows our victory over them in Christ.

An analysis of this Biblical question.

Discipleship is a subject often hijacked by authoritarian church leaders as a tool to dominate people; as such it involves much human wisdom rather than Biblical principles. This paper draws out some discipling principles of Jesus in his High Priestly prayer. I trust this will be of use to pastors and others.

There is a growing problem with believers centring their Christian lives on Israel and all things Jewish. This is a deception to distract people from focusing upon Christ.

The Bible is always being attacked to undermine its divine authority. Many of these attacks are so false that they are based upon old arguments that were dispelled years ago. However, some attacks by sceptics are more thorough and more difficult. Some have not been answered properly. When a young believer comes across very severe attacks, written in academic language with much technical detail, they can upset their faith. Some 'Christians have fallen away after confronting such works. This paper is written to urge you not to fear such attacks, and to give an answer to a very strong attack on a very difficult passage to understand in Ezekiel. If this can be answered, so can all the other alleged discrepancies. May it be of use.

A paper dealing with the subject of dreams. There is a huge amount of nonsense written and taught about dreams which is all around you, particularly in Charismatic streams. This sort of speculative, old covenant stuff will do you no good at all. My approach here is to be as Biblical as possible and to give a New Covenant evaluation of the matter. I trust it will be of use.

This paper examines the similarities and the differences between these two types (figures) of the world. I then explain what Babylon is. You cannot understand Revelation or eschatology without seeing this.

An exposition of the story of Ehud and its threefold fulfilment and representation, most specifically the lesson we can draw from this for discipleship.

This is an important paper explaining the Biblical role of elders and differentiating them from deacons. Sadly few churches understand the principles taught in this essay, which is one reason why many churches are in a mess.

Eliakim is a clear type of Christ, though this is ignored by many commentators. There is great value in studying this brief description of the king's servant.

This paper shows how the usual attacks on the NKJV are riddled with falsity and errors. Be assured, the NKJV is a good translation.

A very short and simple paper that gives you the major NT texts regarding deception and false teachers. We could find more, and there are also texts in the OT, but these should suffice. These passages show why it is important to highlight error and its practitioners in order to protect the flock of God.

The problem of apostate churches and professing believers.

A simple paper explaining what the Bible teaches about Ghosts. It needs little comment.

This paper emerged as a result of an impromptu study one Sunday. It demonstrates that the modern (chiefly Charismatic) idea of a great end-time church revival (even to the point where the church controls the world) is an absolute lie. Holding such an unbiblical hope denudes faith and leads to dead works.

This paper is a necessary affirmation of God's complete sovereignty, including over all sickness. God is Lord.

This paper is chiefly Scriptures that pertain to the responsibilities of governments and rulers. It is sobering to say the least. Those in power need to read this and fear. Voters need to see how to assess candidates for office.

This is a diagram showing the outworking of God's plan and purpose of salvation and the culmination in the perfection of the saints at the Second Coming.

This is a paper regarding an issue that has flared up in the media some time ago and which opens up a Biblical doctrine.

This proves that divine punishment is eternal.

This is a very important theological paper. It deals with the basics of salvation and how the work of Christ deals with those issues.

A simple, concise paper explaining the Biblical way of seeking power.

This paper is a basic handbook on prayer showing what is Biblical and what is wrong.

This paper is also an exposition of Paul's warnings in 1 Thessalonians regarding people that preach a false gospel. It shows the typical traits of false gospel preachers, which are still copied today. I also show what the true Gospel is.

The importance of understanding our union with Christ.

In the light of a continuing barrage of Jewish Root propaganda, this is a very straightforward paper explaining why it is absolutely unbiblical and dangerous. The chief reason is that it takes the Christian's attention off Christ and places it upon a sinful nation. This error fails to see even the simplest NT apostolic comments on the matter.

This paper seeks to refute the unbiblical claims of Jewish Root teachers. We seek to show, very simply, what Scripture states on the key issues involved. Only the minimal comment is given for clarity. In doing so we seek to show that Jewish Root teaching is utterly unbiblical and damaging to the Lord’s people.

This paper puts paid to the claim that Junia is a female name.

A simple study explaining what Leviathan and Behemoth most likely are.

This paper shouldn't be necessary for evangelicals, but circumstances have provoked it. No human being knows the time, date or season of the end. Striving to discover this is folly. Claiming that you have discovered it is both hubris and a serious sin. This paper gives the Biblical teaching on this matter and gives historical examples. However, Christians should be wise about world events, especially in three areas, and may have a sense about the approach of the end.

A simple, straightforward paper on the limits we can go to in confrontations about truth.

This is a very important paper. It demonstrates that the Bible is God's very own word, the manifestation of his mind. It is the only source of spiritual authority. All other claims of authority are false and are to be rejected. I also show how prophetic movements in history all led to chaos and apostasy. There is also an expose of modern false prophets, authoritarian despots and prophetic movements.

What is the purpose of election? Why are we here? This paper answers these questions by explaining the believer's ministry unto the Lord, our chief purpose in life.

A biblical critique of the Charismatic apologetic for their pursuit of miracles. I show why this pursuit is actually unbiblical and why miracles generally occur. I do not know why no one has evaluated the matter in this way before (as far as I am aware). I believe it is conclusive and obvious.

This subject needs to be discussed and properly evaluated in the light of recent interest by theologically compromised individuals that has resulted in confusing statements.

You may have already seen the introduction to this paper. The rest explains what is going on in the world today and how the satanic purpose is being worked out through the elite, which involves people devoted to money and power seeking control over the world more and more. Your politicians fall into this bracket and, with a few exceptions, they are a deeply corrupt bunch utterly committed to the elite aims, and thus ultimately to Satan. I give some specific examples of this in terms of strategy, history and individuals. The purpose is to inform you and to warn you to keep your hands clean by avoiding their plans, and doing certain spiritual and practical things.

Here I analyse what is really going on with modern policies to increase multiculturalism in western societies. I explain God's purpose with nations and the importance of divinely established boundaries. Multiculturalism is just another facet of the global elite's attack on Christianity and the attempt to mongrelise nations to make them more amenable to despotism.

This paper demonstrates that, on the one hand, we must love individual Jews just as any other people. On the other hand, we must be aware of the evil prescribed in Talmudic and Kabbalistic Judaism, and condemn it.

Imaginative speculation is everywhere these days, and sadly in the church. One rampant notion is that of giant offspring of angels / aliens and humans, usually called Nephilim (wrongly). All sorts of utter nonsense is being spouted about this idea, with people even making it the key to the future. One man has even professed to believe in satyrs!!! That these teachers are supposed Christian leaders is a disgrace. It is all rubbish as I explain in this paper.

God is always good to his people but sadly very few understand what this means. To some it was a life of persecution and a martyrs death. To others it was decades of imprisonment. The key is to understand the divine perspective and the purpose of God. Without knowing this you will be demoralised by what life throws at you. Even worse is to believe the lies of heretics who claim that bad things do not happen to God's elect.

This passage, in the centre of Revelation, is a précis of the message of the book; it is the keynote of the prophecy.

This clarifies the limits of obedience to the state and when to disobey.

The Lord has constrained me to write a suitable paper to end the year with. This paper explains what Zion is, both technically and spiritually. It is an important subject that has much to say to the Lord's people.

Many hold the opinion that certain aspects of God's kingdom are fully available today. In fact, Scripture is very clear that these claims are false and these items (such as continual physical healing) are only realised after the return of the Lord in glory.

This paper is to assist in understanding the basic reason for the writing of the book of Revelation, what it is basically about and how it is structured.

This is a paper explaining what the glory of God is, what it is not, and how we share in it. Something much misunderstood today.

A diagram that puts the beginning of Peter's first letter (1 Peter 1:2-9) into focus. It is a good summary of Salvation.

This paper is a basic list of principles extracted from 'Bible Study Techniques'. It is important to understand matters such as that the OT illustrates and prepares the way for the NT, and the NT explains and expounds the OT.

This is a comment on the modern church apostasy as expounded in Psalm 74. Desecration of God's temple is nothing new and the principles of prayer and action are the same. We can learn from Asaph.

A study on the occurrences of tri-unity in Scripture and the universe. These are reflections of the operations of the Trinity. On the final day when our eyes are opened, we will see many more examples of this.

This paper explains an important issue that is often misunderstood.

This is a commentary on Revelation 1:1-8. It seeks to expound themes usually missed by most expositors.

I was asked for my thoughts on Romans 11 in connection with the lies of Jewish Root teaching. I supplied several papers where I have dealt with the key parts of that chapter but then considered that a thorough exegesis of the whole chapter might be useful. Consequently, I have produced a paper with my interpretation of this chapter which is in accordance with the best historic commentators on the Greek text. It absolutely disproves all the heretical contentions of Jewish Root teachers.

This paper examines from a Biblical perspective the sound that is masquerading as the songs of angels, which many Christians find exciting, to determine whether it could in fact be true.

This paper explains how inner salvation is achieved by faith and repentance, rather than both being the fruit of a regenerated heart. Amongst other important truths, it also clarifies that man is tripartite in essential nature, which helps in understanding the salvation of the soul.

This is a very important paper. The first part is a general explanation of Satan and his demons. The second part is a thesis analysing the casting out of Satan. This is something overlooked by most dogmatics and there is much confusion and contradiction in writings. I have tried to solve these problems and I believe that this viewpoint is satisfying.

This paper seeks to explain how the Devil captures people. It is a doctrine that most churches ignored in the last year.

The Bible is God's inspired word to us, giving us the very thoughts of God. It is the basis of all our spiritual education and I cannot emphasise enough how important it is for us to study it earnestly. Sadly, much that passes as teaching in modern churches is nothing short of a tragedy.

A paper dealing with a simple subject but with a powerful practical application. It is something universally ignored, despite commands by the Lord and his apostles. It is one reason why the world and the church are going insane (literally, as you will see). Give this to your church leader, light the blue touch paper, and withdraw several feet.

This shows the Biblical importance of the family. It is a necessary background to the recent controversy about Alistair Begg.

This paper gives a detailed explanation of the types and symbols used in Zechariah's visions, plus a structure of the book. This is vital to understand his message and is a key to symbols also used in Revelation.

This is a paper dealing with the Charismatic notion of generational sins; that is the idea that you can be in bondage and suffering as a result of an ancestor's sin. This doctrine is a damaging heresy which needs to be stamped on as it can even affect believers who abhor other Charismatic teachings. Those who are chronically ill are particularly vulnerable to this.

This paper is a reminder that it is a serious mistake to stray from God's directions.

This paper should not need to have been written. It shows that foul language is wrong and a sin and no Christians should ever use perverse speech. This subject is fundamental to repentance and ought to be understood without exhortation. Sadly the times are evil.

This is a paper to help interpreting the symbolism in the book of Revelation.

This paper was occasioned by correspondence with a writer and missionary who is highly thought of in evangelical and academic circles, whom I was shocked to find supported the error of territorial spirits. Usually this is limited to Charismatic extremists. In consequence I saw that a short paper demonstrating the fallacies of it was necessary. May it be of use.

A paper explaining why NT doctrine is vital to understanding Scripture and the will of God. This is a matter which is downplayed, ignored or avoided by many groups these days, with the result of falling to serious errors. Here I show why apostolic doctrine is fundamental.

This paper explains the fundamental issue in the Gospel; salvation is all of God and man contributes nothing.

This book-length paper fully explains what the Bible teaches on all issues related to modern life and the difficulties we all face. It explains perennial questions, such as: why am I here; what is the meaning of life; how did everything begin; what is the origin of evil; where did civilisation start; what happens in the future; is there life after death; what is truth? There are answers to objections and explanations of current fad topics. In short, this seeks to reveal the Bible’s answer to all the problems people search for answers to. It is an apologetic of the true revelation of God.

This paper touches of the binding of Satan being a symbolic picture of a heavenly truth to emphasise the sovereignty of God in protecting the church and directing history to his ends. This binding is an effect of the cross of Christ to control Satan’s activities so that his oppressive tactics are restrained from completely destroying the church.

An expecting rests on the Christian to be tolerant at all times about everything and not to judge. Should this be?

This paper delineates the characteristics of the end and compares them to current events.

This is a paper that will certainly challenge some readers; in fact it might even anger a few. Nevertheless, it is written as a plain explanation of what Scripture teaches and this is demonstrated in clear arguments from plain texts. I urge folk to read this with an open and prayerful mind, seeking wisdom from the Father of Lights (Jm 1:17). What must be avoided is trying to force an atheistic, secular worldview on to Biblical teaching by twisting plain meanings of texts. This is what Liberals do. However uncomfortable, only good can come from faithfully upholding Scripture, even if it makes us look like fools to the world. We do this to defend creationism against evolution; this subject is no different. I often experience enemy opposition as I write papers (usually those I consider as important), but this was especially noticed during this one.

Many believers have rejected that the flood was global. There is great danger in downgrading even a few verses of Genesis.

This paper explains the Biblical focus on God as Trinity. It shows how many denomination fail to honour this focus. It also explains historic heresies about God and how modern sects repeat these heresies.

This is a short exposition of an important Biblical subject that is very pertinent today.

This paper gives solid Biblical and theological evidence for the necessity of house churches. More than ever such are needed today.

This is a hard-hitting exhortation based on clear exposition. It is exceedingly important. The future of the church is literally at stake. You must understand the falling away.

This paper alludes to many problems in the church today being mainly caused by both church leaders and members no longer have any concern for the fear of the Lord.

This paper shows that there were seven holy convocations or gatherings but that only three of these were feasts or festivals. As such, they instruct us about the three great aspects of the salvation planned and purposed by God for us: the cross (the kingdom purchased), the kingdom conceived and the kingdom completed.

The central focus of Scripture is Christ and, in particular, His atoning work. The Lord’s Supper is primarily to remind us of the cross; its purpose is neither to remind the Lord to return nor to set our focus on the wedding celebration of the Lamb.

This paper fully explains the Gospel using only Bible verses with no comment.

Having recently met with some old friends, some of whom are religious Anglicans, it behooved me to write a paper explaining the Biblical Gospel for religious people who think that they are Christians but are not evangelical. Essentially, such religious folk do not know what Christ said a Christian is; and only his definition is worth anything. Thus this paper seeks to clarify the Biblical Gospel.

This is an explanation of how geo-politics has reversed in recent years. I also show why this happened and who the key players in the corruption of world politics are. One key issue is the attack on Christianity that underlies this.

This paper seeks to explain analytically and concisely the key reversals of truth that have plagued the church in the last 150 years or so. While much more could be written, if I had time and strength, this is sufficient for most people. It shows the terrible cancer of demonic lies taken wholesale into the churches today. I include proponents, sources, teachings, practices, errors and Biblical texts. There is also a couple of separate papers at the end, one of which destroys the Charismatic proposal of a gradual restoration of Charismatic truth to the church. While it is a long read with a great deal of detailed information, it is sectioned to be able to be used as a reference work.

A short aid to further study of the subject and to consideration John's overall vision.

Many contemporary ‘evangelical’ churches place no real value on the authority of the Bible and do not practically accept it as God’s revealed word. In practice many ‘Christians’ do not believe that the Bible is authoritative, infallible, inspired or inerrant. Supposed ‘Christian’ churches and individuals that act in this way are not Christian in any sense at all. They are sub-Christian and do not walk in the truth. For this reason we need to look at the importance of the doctrine of scripture today.

This is a simple paper outlining the basics of eschatology and why the study of it is vital.

This explains the devil's basic lie that undergirds all forms of false religion.

I have been asked about this subject a few times recently and thought that a paper on it may be of use to people. So much junk has been written about this that it is time for a breath of sanity.

This paper demonstrates what the bible teaches about riches and how godly men have avoided riches, even when they were originally gifted with them.

Many evangelical heresies are the result of forming doctrines from an individual text (or a small number of specific texts) and not from a complete reading of scripture.

A paper on Baalism in the Bible and history with an evaluation of how a new Baalism is being evidenced in the world today.

This simple paper is an antidote to so much wrong teaching about hell.

This is a very important and explosive book. It explains how the Pharisees, whom Jesus denounced as satanic liars and murderers, evolved into modern day rabbinic Judaism, via the Talmud and Kabbala. Modern Orthodox Judaism is nothing but Satan worship and a licence to commit wickedness. Thus any association with Judaism, or the State of Israel which is founded on the Talmud, is pure blasphemy. Messianic Christianity is a deception that supports Satanism. This book also shows how Marxism and Zionism are the Talmud in political practice. This explains many historical mysteries: why Patton was halted, why the Bolsheviks were aided by America, why the US enabled the Communist take over of China and why the US lost the Korean War, and much more. Christians must understand the truth about Judaism.

This is a paper showing that the poor are the object of God's attention and that we must consider them at all times. It is a tragic criticism of the modern church that it has largely lost its historic focus on giving to the poor and meeting the needs of the afflicted; instead money is wasted on large dedicated buildings and multiple unbiblical offices. There is no blessing in this but there is blessing in helping the poor.

This paper expounds a short but very important passage which is completely misunderstood by most commentators. It is of vital importance in understanding sanctification and encouragement to press on.

An exegesis of the problematic parts of Numbers that talk of Balaam’s relationship (or not) with the God of Israel. This is a very important part of Scripture, and one that is misunderstood by almost everyone. The key is to see that it is a battle between Yahweh and the gods of Canaan (as early Exodus is a battle between Yahweh and the gods of Egypt).

This paper is not only a reminder of many elements involved when the believer sins, but also points out the main issue and what is more important to devil.

There is no discrepancy in Scripture regarding punishment of children for their father’s sin.

This is the introduction to a paper that I am working on but it struck me that it may be of use on its own. It is a primer regarding Satanic activity on the earth and what this is all about.

Believers urgently need to understand the eternal plan of God or they will fail to really understand theology and their part in God's purpose. Having done that believers also need to understand what the plan of Satan is or they will fail to understand his devices against them and will end up serving him rather than God. Many Christians today actually serve the devil rather than God without even knowing it. This paper explains this and gives some examples. may it make you wise unto salvation.

I believe this to be one of the most important articles that I have written. It deals with the theology and practicality of sin, a subject much ignored and misunderstood.

In order to be informed and not deceived, we have to study each of the passages such as Matthews 24 and others in harmony with one another, and also extricate what applies to the future and that which already has transpired. This is the purpose of this paper.

This paper is a call on Christians to consider properly whether it is necessary to separate from other Christians.

This paper looks at these verses that have caused confusion and worry to many over the years.

The temple is a multi-faceted type, with various sub-types. The chief symbolic factor residing in the type of the temple is the dwelling place of God, but it is also the place where atonement is made, where judgment has ceased and where the redeemed are established. It is a holy place where only the sanctified dwell. It is where God is seen in the face of Jesus Christ. The truth of these things is clearly understood in the New Covenant reality of the church. However, we can also learn from the typology seen in the history of the establishing of Israel’s temple.

Was Israel in Egypt for 215, 400 or 430 years? The Bible, and Jewish historians, suggest all three. This paper explains why there is no discrepancy.

This paper gives an exposition of the state of believers at the end. It dispels some errors and shows the greatness of the consummation of our hope.

This paper examines the subject of suffering, which is so infrequently done by the church. My intention is to show every single relevant New Testament text in this paper. Christians need to see that this is not a small matter in scripture.

An explanation of those roots in diagram form

This is an exposition of Revelation chapter 4. I have tried to give the best explanation I possibly could because so many commentaries are hopelessly confused on the symbolism of John's visions.

This is a paper on the need to discriminate between Biblical tradition, which is to be obeyed, and the tradition of men, which is to be rejected. Though this is a simple matter, very many in the church today make serious mistakes about this.

This is a paper demonstrating the absolute vital importance of God's word and the huge privilege it is for man, alone in creation, to have possession of it. This gives us insight into God's mind and heart, allowing us to understand who God is, as well as what he desires of us. This being so, God's word is at the heart of all Satan's attacks on the church. I show a number of features of these attacks today. By being warned about these we can avoid losing focus on God's word to us.

This paper helps us as believers wanting to serve God, to we understand what it is that God is doing in this world, why he is doing it, how he intends to achieve it and what his programme is.

This is an explanation of a much debated text in Rev 13. I show what this really is and apply the verse to what is going on around us today. There is also exposition of parallel passages in Rev 17 and 20. This passage is not difficult to understand, but it needs wisdom. Sadly, little of that is often applied in the speculations of commentators. We must not limit God's word to our convenient literal interpretations.

This is an essay on the qualities of a Christian marriage that make it biblical.

A paper on the current raging issue of Gay marriage. There is nothing new in this but what ought to be well known to everyone appears to be ignored in most of the media debates on the subject. I trust that this paper will clarify some important points. This is part of the death knell for our society and an important sign of the times. The key issue is what it does to the established churches.

I get asked about what music is safe to listen to all the time. In one respect this is a complex thing to answer; yet in another it is very simple - listen to what is good. The problem comes with all the baggage of presupposition and prejudice that people bring to this subject; neither is there much help from past theologians since it simply wasn't an issue then. So, after just giving some email answers here and there for years, I thought it time to do a proper exposition of this and expose the nonsense that also prevails in many Christian circles. Some may find some of this challenging, but try to work through the Biblical principles. Much of what is said would apply to all art forms, including movies.

To many this is a mundane subject, but it is absolutely essential for a real spiritual life. This paper gives a useful analysis of the necessary tools required for proper Bible study. May it serve you well.

For English Readers

Background information

A paper I consider to be very important. It regards the Scriptural references to the opposing camps of God's people, and the flesh under the control of God's enemy. Thus two types of men are pictured throughout Scripture referring to the elect on the one hand and the reprobate on the other. This also works out into the symbolism regarding the old nature and the new nature, what is of Christ and what is of Adam. It is important to see this in order to understand Scripture properly.

This paper fully analyses the subject of visions and whether they are to be expected and sought today.

This is a warning to wake up and see what is going on around you - the attempted destruction of Christianity and Godly principles in society.

After much study, this paper confirms that credobaptism only, is allowed for those who have exercised faith in Christ as Saviour and submitted to his Lordship, demonstrating this by true repentance.

Understanding where our power to live the Christian life comes from, will help us appreciate what the strength of our life is.

Many claim to have the answer to the question about the afterlife. Only the word of God makes the most sense and offers hope. This paper explains.

A paper regarding a sensitive issue. However, whatever the sensitivities, what is important is the truth. The only way to find this out is to see exactly what Scripture teaches in plain words. Thus, this paper seeks to show what the prophets, Jesus and the apostles taught on this matter - and it is very clear.

This is a paper examining why good people fall.

A very brief explanation of the Biblical position on tongue speaking for modern readers.

Every aspect of sin is a failing to live up to the life of Christ and has a particular name. This document contains a short list of words used to describe sin.

A booklet produced to encourage believers to truly worship the Lord the biblical way by coming together with other saints, each one coming as a worshipper.

This paper exposes what is true worship (proskuneo) and what is false worship (threskeia). It explains that we are worshippers constantly and do not gather in order to worship. There is no such thing as a 'worship service' and much modern church worship is threskeia.