These are one-page papers that are part of a continuing series called Truth Bombs, succinct papers highlighting a single issue. It is a series of concise papers which seek to explain lies, errors, misunderstandings or misrepresented facts.

This is the second part of facts regarding the Apollo missions. This one concerns the Van Allen Belt and solar flares.

These truth bombs explain why the current establishment narrative about white entitlement and black slavery is a fraud. The truth is that all ethnic types have experienced slavery and throughout history most slaves were White or Eurasian. In fact, for centuries most slaves in America were White poor people.

Here follows a few Truth Bombs regarding the Talmud and the Kaballa, Jewish texts that undergird the thinking of many in the global elite.

Simple scientific facts proving that the moon landings were fake.

This is a self explanatory paper on the EU in the Truth Bomb series.

These two papers explain the truth about British culture and history which is being trampled on by cultural Marxists in education, politics and the media. Britain's historic culture is not diverse and heterogeneous; it is Christian. What led to western democracy, liberal values and culture were Christian principles.
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