The only sane way to interpret scripture is to start with a clear understanding of the Biblical doctrine of salvation, and then interpret the difficult verses in their context and in the light of sound theology.

This paper seeks to show the balance between a Biblical submission to the sovereignty of God and the need for activity in doing God’s will and resistance to satanic temptation.

This paper confronts the heresies contained in a mass of papers sent to me anonymously through the post. It gives me the opportunity to explain why they are heresy and why the doctrines of grace are vital. This paper is an unusual defence of grace and even explains the doctrine of Traducianism, which is much neglected. I believe this to be a very useful help to those confused by Arminian attacks.

The controlling power in a man's salvation is not man himself but God alone.

If ever there was a person whose life screamed of God's absolute, sovereign choice it is Esau. This is why the apostles focussed critical arguments on him.

A paper that goes against the grain of popular thinking (what a shock). It regards the proportion of the elect to the reprobate. This has many ramifications.

This is a paper that explains the vital foundation of election in the attributes of God and the expression of salvation. God does not love everyone and does not have mercy on everyone. His grace only extends to his people, the elect. This, however, must be distinguished from God's providence which is to the whole earth of necessity in preserving the elect.

An amended letter sent to a well known leader who claims to be Calvinistic. I sought to help him see the truth that he is actually an Amyraldian, following the modern American New Calvinism, which is a corrupt form and not really Calvinistic at all. This is, therefore, a useful summary of the argument in concise terms. It also has an appendix comprising a large number of quotes from Calvin himself and a number of historic Calvinist theologians. This makes it additionally useful.

This subject needs to be discussed and properly evaluated in the light of recent interest by theologically compromised individuals that has resulted in confusing statements.

A straightforward paper explaining what Calvinism is. This is not restricted to the doctrine of salvation but shows how God is sovereign over everything. This concise paper has little exposition, above a simple explanation of each doctrine, but there are many proof texts to affirm the point. I believe this to be a very useful little article.

This paper explains the fundamental issue in the Gospel; salvation is all of God and man contributes nothing.

This is a book on the Doctrines of Grace. I have tried to write the best possible summary that I can and yet cover all the aspects in necessary depth. There are numerous diagrams, tables, quotes, appendices and several excursus papers. For example, there is a detailed history of the attacks on the doctrines of grace as well as an explanation of the champions of sovereign grace. I also cover many important subjects that are usually ignored. I have been tempted to continue developing this as ideas come to mind, but have decided to stop here before it becomes a tome. This is a reasonable and accessible book which seeks to give the student all he needs to know on the matter. May God be glorified.

The sovereignty of God in salvation and life is clearly manifested in Jesus' High Priestly prayer. The Doctrines of Grace are openly demonstrated and run throughout all Christ's petitions to the Father.

People sometimes write to me regarding an article that seems to be proof that Arminius has been misrepresented by horrible Calvinists and that he was really an irenic moderate. Well, we could write about his life, showing his devious personality. We could write about his history, showing his close links with the Jesuits. We could write about his effects and the terrible behaviour of the Remonstrants (his followers) at the Synod of Dort. Instead, this paper is just about the chief principle of Arminians (man's free will) and what Scripture says about it. This paper simply demonstrates that Arminianism is shockingly unscriptural and that all Arminians are very deceived people to fail to see this. Our issue with Arminians is what God says, not what any Calvinist says.

This is a very important paper which demonstrates the rank heresy of Arminians from their own words. It has to be seen to be believed. Most of these quotes are from the original Remonstrants who followed Arminius, but some more modern quotes are also given. I have arranged these under several heads, supplying Bible verses to show how contrary to Scripture they are. The overall picture is that the god of Arminians is not the God of the Bible but a human construct. Arminianism is idolatry.

The biblical truths of Calvinism can be explained with a few simple statements and a clear exposition of Eph 2.

This paper addresses the fact that in history the Free Offer has been associated with Arminianism and other heresies, but today the majority of Reformed teachers hold this position which is based upon a common grace to all. These are unbiblical concepts and imply contradiction in God as well as denial of his word.

There is still a lot of confusion in the churches about election these days since Arminian type teachings are so abundant. Therefore, I send out this old paper with a new appendix that simply applies the truth of Scripture in this matter.